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Metro-to-Metro Migration Flows

The American Community Survey (ACS) and the Puerto Rico Community Survey (PRCS) ask respondents age 1 year and over whether they lived in the same residence 1 year ago. For people who lived in a different residence, the location of their previous residence is collected.

Both current residence and residence 1 year ago are coded to the most current metropolitan statistical area (MSA) definitions available as of January 1 of the last year in the dataset. For example, the 2009-2013 uses vintage geography as of January 1, 2013 including the February 2013 MSA delineation. The vintage for all geographic summary levels are available on the ACS Geography webpage. MSA delineations are available on the Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas Main webpage.

Other Sources

ACS Standard Tables

Inmigration and outmigration data are available for published geographies in data.census.gov. Detailed table B07201 provides the breakdown geographical mobility by metropolitan statistical area for current residence. Table B07202 provides similar information for people living in micropolitan statistical areas and B07203 for people living outside metro or micro areas.

Detailed tables B07001 through B07013 contain geographical mobility in the past year for current residence by selected characteristics for all summary levels. Detailed tables B07401 through B07413 contain geographical mobility in the past year for residence 1 year ago by selected categories for some summary levels. The tables describe movement at the county and state level, thus inmigration and outmigration by metropolitan for characteristics cannot be calculated. However, net domestic migration by metropolitan are can be calculated by taking the total population by category from the current residence table minus movers from abroad and subtracting the total population by category from the residence 1 year ago table for the same category.

Tables specifically for Puerto Rico have a -PR suffix and slightly different geographical mobility categories

Annual Population Estimates

The Population Estimates Program publishes annual population estimates using various administrative and survey data. The program produces population, population change, and estimated components of change files for the nation, states, counties, metropolitan and micropolitan areas, and combined statistical areas as part of the datasets available for download. The files contain estimates for net internal and net international migration.


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