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Health Visualizations

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People Without Health Insurance Coverage by Race and Hispanic Origin
Percentages of the population without health insurance coverage by race and ethnicity.

Revenues From Telemedicine Services in Selected Health Care Industries
View revenues from telemedicine services for employer firms in selected health care industries for 2020.

Nonemployer Statistics by Industry: 2019
View 2019 economic data for businesses that have no paid employees and are subject to federal income tax.

Population Without Health Insurance Coverage by State: 2019 and 2021
This interactive visualization allows you to view the difference in population percentage without health insurance coverage in 2019 and 2021.

Type of Health Insurance Coverage by State: 2019 and 2021
This interactive visualization allows you to view the different types of health insurance coverage by state in 2019 and 2021.

Health Insurance Coverage
27.2 million people were uninsured in 2021.

Health Insurance in the United States: 2021 - Visualizations
These visualizations presents statistics on health insurance coverage in the United States.

Measuring the Nation’s Social and Economic Well-Being
Median household income, percentage of people in poverty, Supplemental Poverty Measure, and percentage of people without health insurance.

Who Is Receiving Social Safety Net Benefits?
View the percentage of individuals receiving select social safety net benefits.

Health Insurance Coverage: 2008 – 2020
Animated map showing changes in uninsured rates by state, going back to 2008.

COVID-19 and Projected Older Populations in Latin America
Changes in aging trends and life expectancy of selected countries.

SAHIE: Uninsured Rates for the Population Under Age 65 in 2020
Percent uninsured by county.

Financial Assistance by Companies During the Coronavirus Pandemic
View financial assistance requested and received by companies during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Change in Childhood Disability Rates by Disability Type: 2008 and 2019
By age and percent.

The Population 65 Years and Older: 2019
View characteristics about the population 65 and older for each state, including median age, veteran status, labor force participation, and more.

What Can You Learn About Counties From the American Community Survey?
This visualization lets you explore data the U.S. Census Bureau provides on popular topics from the 2016-2020 ACS 5-year estimates.


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