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Families & Living Arrangements Working Papers

Working papers are intended to make results of Census Bureau research available to others and to encourage discussion on a variety of topics. They have not undergone a review and editorial process generally accorded official Census Bureau publications.

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Working Paper
Race & Hispanic Origin Reporting Across Admin. Records & Other Sources
This paper explores different methods to assign one race and one Hispanic response when responses are discrepant.

Working Paper
Father-Provided Child Care among Married Couples
This paper looks at the economic shock of job loss among fathers on the provision of father-provided child care among married couple with an employed wife.

Working Paper
Improving Measurement of Same-Sex Couples
In this paper, we review four research projects aimed at further enhancing the measurement of same-sex couples.

Working Paper
Measuring Same-Sex Couples: Misreporting on Relationship and Sex
This paper investigates inconsistency in reports of couples’ relationship status versus sex in an experiment conducted during the 2013 American Housing Survey.

Working Paper
Using Names to Improve Measurement of Same-Sex Married Couples in ACS
This poster estimates error in the ACS estimates of same-sex married couples using a names index.

Working Paper
Historic Rise of Living Alone and Fall of Boarders in the US:1850-2010
Released to inform interested parties of ongoing research and to encourage discussion of work in progress.

Working Paper
Timing Is Not Everything
Fertility delay has been linked to women’s increased educational attainment, labor force participation, and continuity of employment.

Working Paper
Housing Crisis & Family Well-being: Examining Effects of Foreclosure
Housing Crisis and Family Well-being: Examining the Effects of Foreclosure on Families

Working Paper
Was the Great Recession Unique?
Historical changes in population of 25–34 year olds who lived in the parental home against the seven recessions the United States has experienced since 1967.

Working Paper
Matching Survey Data to Admin Records: Same-Sex Married Couples
Since they are a relatively small population among all households, same-sex couple households are difficult to estimate accurately.

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