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Small Business Data Tools

Interactive applications, created by the Census Bureau, to help you find, customize, and even visualize, statistics and information from multiple censuses, surveys, and programs.

Data Tool
Census Business Builder (CBB)
Census Business Builder offers small business owners selected Census Bureau & other statistics to guide their research for opening or expanding their business.

Data Tool
Economic Database Search and Trend Charts
Easy access to Economic Statistics using drop-down menus. Create tables in ASCII text and spreadsheet format. Display customizable dynamic charts.

Data Tool
Explore Census Data
This new platform on data.census.gov is based on overwhelming feedback to streamline the way you get data and digital content from Census Bureau.

Data Tool
Job-to-Job Flows Explorer
Analyze the Job-to-Job Flows (J2J) data through interactive charts, maps, and tables.

Data Tool
LED Extraction Tool
Provides easy access to the raw data products produced by the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) program.

Data Tool
A mapping and reporting tool for exploring where the U.S. workforce lives and works as well as identifying workforce characteristics for geographic areas.

Data Tool
OnTheMap for Emergency Management
Access U.S. population and workforce statistics, in real time, for areas being affected by natural disasters.

Data Tool
PSEO Explorer
Visualize the experimental Post-Secondary Employment Outcomes (PSEO) data through interactive bar charts and Sankey diagrams.

Data Tool
QWI Explorer
Compare, rank, and aggregate Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) through interactive charts, maps, and tables.

Data Tool
QuickFacts provides frequently requested Census Bureau information at the national, state, county, and city level.

Data Tool
Veteran Employment Outcomes (VEO) Explorer
Visualize the experimental Veteran Employment Outcomes (VEO) data through interactive bar and line charts.


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