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Experts from around the Census Bureau describe the objectives of their work and explain Census Bureau processes and results.

Random Samplings Blog
Building a Car — Got Census Data?
The U.S. Census Bureau has data on many aspects of the manufacturing industry ranging from employment and financial statistics, robotics expenditures and online sales.

Global Reach Blog
Data-Driven Business Decisions Begin Here
In addition to the decennial census, we conduct the Economic Census, Census of Governments, American Community Survey (ACS) and many other surveys.

Research Matters Blog
2018 Data Measures Automation in U.S. Businesses
Artificial intelligence (AI), robots, and other automation types are dramatically changing the way production occurs in U.S. businesses.

Research Matters Blog
Tech Stats Centralizes Data, Research and Measures Technology’s Impact on Economy
The U.S. Census Bureau has recently released Tech Stats that will centralize the location of data and research products that focus on advanced technologies, their use, and their impact on the U.S. economy and workforce.

Global Reach Blog
"Schedule B Codes, NAICS and NAPCS: The Similarities and Differences"
Exporting companies use the Schedule B classification system to classify their products for export from the United States.

Random Samplings Blog
Small Manufacturers Play a Big Role in the U.S. Economy
According to data from the 2015 County Business Patterns program, manufacturers are the nation’s fourth-largest employer.

Random Samplings Blog
" California, Texas, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana were Top Five States for Movement into Manufacturing Jobs in 2015 "
California, Texas, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana were the top five states for hiring into manufacturing jobs in 2015.

Random Samplings Blog
Women in Manufacturing
Today we explore the role of women in the manufacturing industry using household data from the American Community Survey.

Random Samplings Blog
Beyond the Products: A Look at the Workers and Their Occupations in the Manufacturing Industry
Using the American Community Survey, we can paint a statistical picture of manufacturing workers to gain a deeper understanding of the people who work in the manufacturing industry.

Random Samplings Blog
Census Bureau Highlights Construction and Housing Statistics for American Housing Month
If you want to understand our nation’s construction and housing market, the U.S. Census Bureau is a great place to find key construction and housing data.

Random Samplings Blog
Beyond the Farm: Rural Industry Workers in America
Rural America faces unique challenges and opportunities compared with urban America. However, the contributions of rural communities go far beyond the farm.

Directors Blog
Showcasing American Manufacturing With U.S. Census Bureau Data
Today is Manufacturing Day, a nationwide observance of the businesses and workers that manufacture everything from textiles to machinery to food.

Global Reach Blog
How Does the Manufacturing Industry Contribute to International Trade?
Manufacturing Day is almost here! This is the time to celebrate manufacturing in all facets of society.

Research Matters Blog
Research on Plant Dynamics in the Manufacturing Sector
Why do some manufacturing plants grow and thrive while others falter? Economists using U.S. Census Bureau plant-level microdata have approached this complex question from at least three different angles.

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