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Data Tools

Interactive applications, created by the Census Bureau, to help you find, customize, and even visualize, statistics and information from multiple censuses, surveys, and programs.

Census Business Builder (CBB)

Census Business Builder offers small business owners selected Census Bureau & other statistics to guide their research for opening or expanding their business.

Census COVID-19 Data Hub

This site provides users demographic risk factor variables along with economic data on 20 key industries impacted by Coronavirus.

Community Resilience Estimates

The Census Bureau’s CRE provide an easily understood metric for how at-risk every neighborhood in the United States is to the impacts of COVID-19.

Economic Database Search and Trend Charts

Easy access to Economic Statistics using drop-down menus. Create tables in ASCII text and spreadsheet format. Display customizable dynamic charts.

FRED® Economic Data

FRED® App gets you the economic data you need—anytime, anywhere.

Job-to-Job Flows Explorer

Analyze the Job-to-Job Flows (J2J) data through interactive charts, maps, and tables.

LED Extraction Tool

Provides easy access to the raw data products produced by the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) program.

Local Employment Dynamics

This partnership offers a variety of data tools.


A mapping and reporting tool for exploring where the U.S. workforce lives and works as well as identifying workforce characteristics for geographic areas.

PSEO Explorer

Visualize the experimental Post-Secondary Employment Outcomes (PSEO) data through interactive bar charts and Sankey diagrams.

QWI Explorer

Compare, rank, and aggregate Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) through interactive charts, maps, and tables.

Small Business Pulse Survey Data

The Small Business Pulse Survey (SBPS) measures the effect of changing business conditions during the Coronavirus pandemic on our nation's small businesses.

USA Trade Online

USA Trade Online is a free and dynamic online tool, where users can access current and historical U.S. export and import data.


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