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Annual Data on Manufacturing

Annual Survey of Manufactures

Conducted annually, except for years ending in “2” and “7,” provides sample estimates of statistics for all manufacturing establishments with one or more paid employees.

County Business Patterns

Provides subnational economic data by industry. Includes the number of establishments, employment, 1st quarter payroll and annual payroll.

Nonemployer Statistics

Provides subnational economic data for businesses that have no paid employees and are subject to federal income tax.

Annual Capital Expenditures Survey

Provides data on capital spending for new and used structures and equipment by U.S. nonfarm businesses with and without employees.

2019 Annual Capital Expenditures for Robotic Equipment

Provides national-level estimates of capital expenditures for robotic equipment by the two-digit and select three- and four-digit NAICS level.

2021 Capital Spending Report

U.S. Capital Spending Patterns 2010-2019 covers capital spending by NAICS industry sector in a ten-year time period.

Annual Business Survey (ABS)

Provides economic and demographic information for businesses and business owners and other business characteristics such as innovation.

Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs (ASE)

Provides select economic and demographic characteristics of employer businesses including gender, ethnicity, race, and veteran status.

Statistics of US Businesses

Provides annual statistics for businesses with paid employees within the U.S. at a national and detailed geographic and industry level.

Business Research and Development Survey (BRDS)

Provides detailed statistics on global and domestic R&D expenses and the R&D workforce of U.S. based businesses.

E-Commerce Statistics (E-STATS)

Provides e-commerce statistics on value of shipments, sales and revenues for Manufacturing, Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade, and Services.

Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey (MECS)

Provides detailed data on energy consumption in the manufacturing sector.


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