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2022 SIPP Brochures

SIPP brochures show some of the ways responses to the survey are used to measure America and inform important policy decisions.  They are available in both English and Spanish. 

Why Measure Employment and Labor Force?

Since America’s founding, the labor force has been fundamental to our country’s development and success. Therefore, it is impossible to measure the true well-being of the country without measuring all aspects of the labor force and employment.

Why Ask About Fertility?

Researchers and policymakers use fertility information from the SIPP to study resource sharing, the eligibility for and use of programs such as WIC, and differences in fertility patterns across groups. SIPP is the only Census Bureau survey to collect full fertility histories from both women and men.

Why Measure Health Coverage and Disability?

Our health matters when it comes to taking care of our family and making ends meet. That means that we need to understand families’ experiences with health, disability, and access to health care to know how well people and families are doing.


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