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Select Topics in International Censuses

Leading up to the 2020 round of censuses, the U.S. Census Bureau is releasing a series of technical notes on Select Topics in International Censuses. Each note highlights a new subject, method, or operation relevant to census planners in middle- to low-income countries. These notes complement the U.N. Principles and Recommendations on Population and Housing Censuses by describing some topics in more detail. Sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Select Topics in International Censuses series is designed for staff in national statistical offices to assist them in addressing some of the significant issues in the 2020 round of censuses.

Planning and Management

Risk Management in a Census
This technical note presents guidance for risk identification, analysis, mitigation, and reassessment across the census lifecycle.

Developing a Census Tabulation Plan
This technical note focuses on the various considerations and challenges that NSOs must weigh in the process of creating a census tabulation plan.

Using Administrative Data in a Traditional Census
This brief discusses administrative data use as a supplement to a traditional census. It focuses on a framework for integrating administrative data sources.

Geospatial Data Disclosure Avoidance and the Census
This technical note discusses key concepts in geospatial disclosure avoidance and includes a process overview with an example case for implementation.

Evaluating a Pilot Electronic Census
This technical note provides guidance for National Statistical Offices (NSOs) on how to evaluate pilot censuses and benefit from lessons learned.

Linking Population and Housing Censuses to the Agricultural Censuses
This brief describes the benefits of linking the Population and Housing Censuses and the Agricultural Censuses and highlights recommended practices.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Emergency Protocols in a Census
This technical note presents lessons learned and recommendations to complete a census or survey during a health emergency in a timely manner.

Disclosure Avoidance and the Census
This technical note provides NSOs with information on mitigating the risk of data disclosure in a census.

Census Data Archiving and Preservation
This technical note provides guidance on the special procedures and protocols required to securely archive and preserve individual census records.

Counting the Hard-to-Count in a Census
This technical note presents four primary reasons why populations may be hard-to-count and strategies for successfully addressing those challenges.

Social and Demographic Indicators

Quality Assurance: Household Rostering in a Census
This technical note details international guidelines on identifying household members at their usual place of residence for a census enumeration.

Measuring Participation in Own-Use Production of Goods in a Census
This technical note details new standards and international guidelines on measuring work and own-use production of goods in a census.

Measuring Educational Characteristics in a Census
This technical note details internationally recognized standards on the collection and dissemination of educational characteristics in a census.

Measuring Child Mortality from a Census
This note provides guidance on how to estimate child mortality from a census, when vital registration records are incomplete.

Measuring Work and Labor Market Participation in a Census
This technical note discusses questions on economic characteristics in a census and applications of new concepts about labor supply.

Measuring Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in a Census
This brief provides National Statistical Offices (NSOs) with information on advances in the measurement & reporting of water, sanitation, & hygiene in a census.

Measuring Migration in a Census
This technical note summarizes the recommendations from the international community on measuring migration in a census.

Measuring Fertility in a Census
This technical note provides guidance on recommended questions to ask in a census and common methods to estimate fertility.

Measuring Disability in a Census
This technical note presents a brief analysis of the conceptualization of disabilities and clarifies how disability data should be collected in a census.

Measuring Maternal Mortality
This technical note contains recommended questions for asking about maternal mortality in a census and strategies for improving data quality.

Page Last Revised - May 18, 2023
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