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Household Pulse Survey Research and Presentations

Household Pulse Survey Research and Presentations

Since April of 2020 the Census Bureau’s experimental Household Pulse Survey (HPS) has measured the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. households. During this period, Census Bureau staff have regularly given presentations focused on the methodology and results of the HPS and have also produced a wide variety of analytical stories.

In addition, HPS data have informed evaluative research and have been used to produce data visualizations. As more of these types of data products are produced, this webpage will be updated to reflect any additional research or presentations.



pdf Measuring Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity on the Experimental Household Pulse Survey [< 1.0 MB]
Thom File / Presented to the FCSM SOGI Research Group / November 9, 2021
pdf The Experimental Household Pulse Survey [< 1.0 MB]
Presented at the Census Bureau National Advisory Committee Meeting. April 30, 2021

America Counts Stories


America Counts Story
Census Bureau Survey Explores Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
New data visualization allows users to explore differences in characteristics and experiences during the pandemic between LGBT and non-LGBT populations.

America Counts Story
Nearly a Third of Parents Spent Child Tax Credit on School Expenses
Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey shows that many parents spent the first three Child Tax Credit advance payments on child care or school expenses.

America Counts Story
Families Saw Less Economic Hardship as Child Tax Credit Payments Came
Household Pulse Survey collected responses just before and just after the arrival of the first CTC checks.

America Counts Story
LGBT Community Harder Hit by Economic Impact of Pandemic
LGBT adults report higher rates of food and economic insecurity than non-LGBT respondents to the new Phase 3.2 of the Household Pulse Survey.

America Counts Story
Census Survey Now Asks about Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity
Phase 3.2 of the Household Pulse Survey now includes questions on sexual orientation and gender identity, vaccinations of children and the new Child Tax Credit.

America Counts Story
Asians: Fear of Going Out Causing Food Insufficiency During Pandemic
Household Pulse Survey shows that Asian respondents were twice as likely as White households to report not having enough to eat because of fear of going out.

America Counts Story
How the Pandemic Affected Black and White Households
Loss of income during the pandemic caused more hardship for Black adults than for White adults, even after accounting for differences in income and education.

America Counts Story
Spanish-Language Survey Respondents Report Greater Pandemic Hardships
Even within groups such as Hispanics, the COVID pandemic has been experienced differently.

America Counts Story
How Do COVID-19 Vaccination, Vaccine Hesitancy Rates Vary Over Time?
New Household Pulse Survey interactive tracker allows users to view characteristics of the vaccinated and vaccine-hesitant populations.

America Counts Story
Working From Home During the Pandemic
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey shows that those who increased frequency of telework had higher income and education and better health.

America Counts Story
Many American Households Use Stimulus Payments to Pay Down Debt
Millions of Americans are poised to receive a third stimulus check, one of the benefits of the American Rescue Plan Act. Many have used stimulus to pay debt.

America Counts Story
Homeschooling on the Rise During COVID-19 Pandemic
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey shows a substantial increase in homeschooling during COVID-19.

America Counts Story
Putting Economic Impact of Pandemic in Context
Historical data on unemployment and economic sectors show the magnitude of COVID-19’s economic impact.

America Counts Story
Despite Unemployment Insurance, Many Households Struggle With Basics
The Household Pulse Survey shows that 31.2% of households that used unemployment insurance reported a very difficult time paying for usual household expenses.

America Counts Story
About Half of Unvaccinated Say They'll "Definitely" Get COVID Vaccine
The Household Pulse Survey provides insight into attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccines.

America Counts Story
Young Adults Living Alone Report Anxiety, Depression During Pandemic
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey provides insight into the mental health and well-being of adults living alone during COVID-19.



Household Pulse Survey Nonresponse Bias Analysis

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2020 Household Pulse Survey Background Documentation


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