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2020 Census Data Products Newsletters

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Past Issues:




Extra Time to Submit Detailed DHC Use Cases; Webinar December 9

Just Released: New Handbook on 2020 Census Disclosure Avoidance

Reminder: Submit 2020 Census Data Product Planning Crosswalk Comments

Data Products Planning Webinar. Redistricting Data Production Code

New 2020 Census Data Product Planning Crosswalk - Feedback requested

Production Settings Demonstration Data Released with Redistricting

New Date and Time: Webinar Analyzing Data for Redistricting

Census Bureau Moves Up Release of Demonstration Data

DAS Production Parameters Metrics; July 1 Webinar

Census Sets Key Parameters to Protect Privacy in 2020 Census Results

Webinar Today (6/4): Research on Alternatives to Differential Privacy

Assessing the Reliability and Variability of the TopDown Algorithm

Research into Alternatives and Supplements to Differential Privacy

Webinar (5/21): Analysis of April 2021 Demonstration Data

Webinar (5/14): Highlights of the April 2021 Detailed Summary Metrics

Webinar (5/13): Differential Privacy 201 and the TopDown Algorithm

Webinar Today (5/4): Differential Privacy 101

Save the Dates for Additional Webinars Throughout May

New DAS Update Meets or Exceeds Redistricting Accuracy Targets

New Demonstration Data Will Feature Higher Privacy-loss Budget

Meeting Redistricting Data Requirements: Accuracy Targets

The Road Ahead: Upcoming Disclosure Avoidance System Milestones

New DAS Phase: Optimizing Tunable Elements



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