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Disclosure Avoidance Blogs

Random Samplings Blog
2020 Census Data Products: Next Steps for Data Releases
This blog provides an update on the schedule and next steps for the release of the Demographic Profile, the DHC, and the Detailed DHC product.

Research Matters Blog
ACS Updates on Disclosure Avoidance and Release Plans
The U.S. Census Bureau is on track to release the 2019 American Community Survey (ACS) 1-year estimates as scheduled Sept. 17, 2020.

Random Samplings Blog
Adapting Population Estimates to Address COVID-19 Impacts on Data Availability
By now, it is well known that the COVID-19 pandemic significantly delayed the availability of 2020 Census data.

Research Matters Blog
Balancing Privacy and Accuracy: New Opportunity for Disclosure Avoidance Analysis
Today, the Census Bureau is releasing demonstration data products designed to help our data user community better understand the disclosure avoidance system.

Random Samplings Blog
Census Bureau Adopts Cutting Edge Privacy Protections for 2020 Census
The Census Bureau takes seriously its legal and professional obligation to safeguard the information it gathers from the public.

Random Samplings Blog
Census Bureau Continues to Boost Data Safeguards
We are working diligently to keep respondent data strictly confidential by implementing differential privacy for our 2020 Census data products.

Research Matters Blog
Census Bureau Works With Data Users to Protect 2020 Census Data Products
The Census Bureau’s mission is “to serve as the nation’s leading provider of quality data about its people and economy.” As an agency, we take this responsibility seriously.

Research Matters Blog
Challenges Facing the Disclosure Review Board
Scientists from the Census Bureau describe the importance of research in survey design, methodology, modeling, record linkage, confidentiality protection, etc.

Directors Blog
Datos para la redistribución legislativa: qué esperar y cuándo
Hemos tenido varios equipos trabajando arduamente en el próximo conjunto de datos del Censo 2020 : los datos de redistritación.

Random Samplings Blog
Disclosure Avoidance Protections for the American Community Survey
We've heard from a number of data users lately who have questions about the status of our plans to strengthen confidentiality safeguards for our data products.

Research Matters Blog
Disclosure Avoidance and the 2018 Census Test: Release of the Source Code
The 2020 Census marks the first time that any federal government statistical agency applied the rigorous rule of differential privacy.

Random Samplings Blog
Próximos productos de datos del Censo del 2020
Este blog describe los planes actuales para los productos de datos del Censo del 2020 y cómo proporcionar comentarios

Modernizing Disclosure Avoidance: A Multipass Solution to Postprocessing Error
In our last blog, we discussed the feedback we received from the data user community about demonstration data released last fall that were produced using the interim version of the 2020 Disclosure Avoidance System (DAS).

Research Matters Blog
Modernizing Disclosure Avoidance: What We've Learned, Where We Are Now
We want to highlight some of the feedback we have received and how we are using it to improve the Disclosure Avoidance System (DAS) that will be used for the 2020 Census.

Random Samplings Blog
Modernizing Privacy Protections for the 2020 Census: Next Steps
The world has evolved quite a bit since 1990, the last time we changed the way we protect individual responses in published census statistics.

Random Samplings Blog
Producing Detailed Racial, Ethnic and Tribal Data from the 2020 Census
In this blog, we describe our current plans for developing and releasing these statistics and plans for other statistics in the Detailed DHC.

Research Matters Blog
Adopting Modern Disclosure Avoidance Methods at the Census Bureau
The U.S. Census Bureau’s commitment to data stewardship—protecting respondent privacy and confidentiality at every stage of the data lifecyle—is grounded in law that is straightforward, robust, and strong.

Research Matters Blog
Protecting the Confidentiality of America�s Statistics: Ensuring Confidentiality and Fitness-for-Use
In my last blog, I described the Census Bureau’s work to modernize how we protect respondent data in the statistics we publish.

Directors Blog
Redistricting Data: What to Expect and When
Since releasing the apportionment results in April, we’ve had several teams working hard on the next set of 2020 Census data — the redistricting data.

Directors Blog
The Balancing Act of Producing Accurate and Confidential Statistics
Several months ago, Dr. John Abowd, our chief scientist at the Census Bureau, blogged about the need for disclosure avoidance measures and the considerations that went into our decision to implement differential privacy.

Random Samplings Blog
Upcoming 2020 Census Data Products
We’ve now released the apportionment counts and redistricting data — the first two waves of 2020 Census results. But we’re just getting started.


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