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2020 Census: Conducting and Motivating the Count: Counting Puerto Rico

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The U.S. census has counted Puerto Rico's population since 1910.

The results of the census will help shape the future of Puerto Rico by determining how federal funds are used locally for new hospitals, housing and food assistance, emergency management and disaster relief, new schools, and more.


  • In early April 2020, many households received a letter by mail from the Census Bureau, inviting them to respond. These letters provided a Census ID essential for ensuring they were counted in the right place.
  • Beginning May 22, 2020, if respondents had not received a letter in the mail, the Census Bureau dropped off a census invitation and paper form. The invitation included instructions for responding online or by phone, as well as a paper questionnaire.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Census Bureau adjusted 2020 operations in Puerto Rico.


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