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We are aware of an issue currently impacting users trying to access some of our data tools on census.gov.  We appreciate your patience as we work to restore QuickFacts, the Population Clock, My Tribal Area and My Congressional District.
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2020 Census: Conducting and Motivating the Count: Partnership Plan

The Partnership Program is the central component to the IPC. Partnership efforts for the Census Bureau encompass building and engaging trusted voices to assist in meeting the overall 2020 Census goal of counting everyone once, only once, and in the right place. This Integrated Partnership Plan (IPP) document articulates the program components at the national and local levels. It also incorporates the lessons learned from the 2010 Census, associated challenges and risks, strategies, an overview of initiatives, implementation, high level timeline, and performance measurement for gauging success of the program. It also explains how the 2020 Census Partnership Program serves as the foundation to developing an ongoing, holistic enterprise partnership program to centralize and maintain critical relationships throughout the decade beyond the completion of the 2020 Census.


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