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2020 Census Blog Posts

Experts from around the Census Bureau describe the objectives of their work and explain the 2020 Census process and results. We hope these blogs will increase awareness and use of the valuable data collected by the Census Bureau, and make this data more accessible to all users.

Random Samplings Blog
Age Heaping in the 2020 Census Demographic and Housing Characteristics File (DHC)
While age heaping is an issue in all decennial census and household survey data, the 2020 Census shows patterns of age heaping that are more pronounced.

Random Samplings Blog
Examining the Racial and Ethnic Diversity of Adults and Children
The 2020 Census shows the overall U.S. population in 2020 was more racially and ethnically diverse than it was a decade earlier.

Directors Blog
Valuable New Datasets on Race and Ethnicity From the U.S. Census Bureau
During my tenure as director of the U.S. Census Bureau, I have met with hundreds of users of Census Bureau data across America.

Random Samplings Blog
What to Expect: Disclosure Avoidance and the 2020 Census Demographic and Housing Characteristics File
On May 25, the U.S. Census Bureau is set to release the next wave of data from the 2020 Census providing new details about our nation and communities.

Directors Blog
Sus comentarios para el Censo del 2030 ayudan a nuestra nación.
El pasado otoño anunciamos con mucho entusiasmo que la Oficina del Censo de los EE. UU. estaba intentando captar activamente sus ideas para lograr un mejor Censo del 2030.

Directors Blog
Your 2030 Census Feedback Helps Our Nation. Thank you, and Here’s What’s Next.
Last fall, we eagerly announced that the U.S. Census Bureau actively sought your ideas for a better 2030 Census.

Directors Blog
A Look Ahead: 2023
The U.S. Census Bureau has endured the throes of 2020, when multiple challenges including a global pandemic threatened the completion of our constitutionally mandated decennial census.

Random Samplings Blog
Redefining Urban Areas following the 2020 Census
“Urban” and “rural” are terms that bring to mind specific kinds of landscapes—densely developed areas in the case of urban, and small towns, farms and open spaces in the case of rural.

Directors Blog
It’s not too late to submit your ideas for the 2030 Census!
In case you missed my blog post a few weeks ago, for the first time ever, the Census Bureau is seeking your ideas for the planning and design of the decennial census.

Research Matters Blog
Technology Transformation at the Census Bureau: Building a Modern, Data-Centric Ecosystem
The U.S. Census Bureau has historically helped answer both simple questions like "What’s the population of Utah?” and more complex questions like “How are declining business start-up rates related to living standards?”

Directors Blog
We welcome your ideas for a better 2030 Census!
We can overcome challenges when we help each other, when we work together toward a common good.

Random Samplings Blog
2020 Census Data Products: Next Steps for Data Releases
This blog provides an update on the schedule and next steps for the release of the Demographic Profile, the DHC, and the Detailed DHC product.

Random Samplings Blog
Producing Detailed Racial, Ethnic and Tribal Data from the 2020 Census
In this blog, we describe our current plans for developing and releasing these statistics and plans for other statistics in the Detailed DHC.

Random Samplings Blog
Adapting Population Estimates to Address COVID-19 Impacts on Data Availability
By now, it is well known that the COVID-19 pandemic significantly delayed the availability of 2020 Census data.

Random Samplings Blog
Upcoming 2020 Census Coverage Estimates 
The U.S. Census Bureau released coverage estimates for the 2020 Census.

Random Samplings Blog
The Post-Enumeration Survey: Measuring Coverage Error
Although we undertake extensive efforts to accurately count everyone in the decennial census, sometimes people are missed or duplicated.

Random Samplings Blog
Understanding the Count Question Resolution Operation
Since the 1990 Census, we’ve given tribal, state and local governments the opportunity to request a review of their once-a-decade census counts.

Random Samplings Blog
Using Demographic Benchmarks to Help Evaluate 2020 Census Results
One of the primary methods of evaluating the quality of a census is comparing the results to other population benchmarks.

Random Samplings Blog
Próximos productos de datos del Censo del 2020
Este blog describe los planes actuales para los productos de datos del Censo del 2020 y cómo proporcionar comentarios

Random Samplings Blog
Upcoming 2020 Census Data Products
We’ve now released the apportionment counts and redistricting data — the first two waves of 2020 Census results. But we’re just getting started.

Random Samplings Blog
2020 Census Program for Evaluations, Experiments, and Assessments
This blog describes the series of formal evaluations and assessments that measure different aspects of census operations and specific challenges.

Random Samplings Blog
Programa de Evaluaciones y Experimentos del Censo del 2020
Este blog describe la serie de evaluaciones formales que miden diferentes aspectos de las operaciones del censo y los desafíos.

Random Samplings Blog
2020 Census Operational Quality Metrics: Item Nonresponse Rates
These metrics show the rate some 2020 Census questions went unanswered.

Random Samplings Blog
Tasas de falta de respuesta por preguntas
Estas métricas muestran las tasas de algunas preguntas sin respuesta del Censo del 2020.

Random Samplings Blog
2020 Census Operational Quality Metrics: Sub-State Summaries
Sub-state summaries for each state show the local variation and spread in the operational quality metrics.

Random Samplings Blog
Métricas operacionales de calidad: niveles por debajo de los estados
Los resúmenes a niveles por debajo de los estados para cada estado muestran la variación local en las métricas operacionales de calidad.

Random Samplings Blog
The Census Geocoder - Group Quarters Assistance
People living in group quarters, such as nursing homes, military barracks, and college/university student housing, are among the unique populations counted in the 2020 Census.

Random Samplings Blog
Measuring Racial and Ethnic Diversity for the 2020 Census
Later this month, the U.S. Census Bureau plans to release the first results from the 2020 Census on race and ethnicity.

Random Samplings Blog
Improvements to the 2020 Census Race and Hispanic Origin Question Designs, Data Processing, and Coding Procedures
This blog discusses how we improved the census questions on race and Hispanic origin, also known as ethnicity, between 2010 and 2020.

Random Samplings Blog
How We Complete the Census When Demographic and Housing Characteristics Are Missing
Although we strive to obtain all demographic and housing data from every individual in the census, missing data are part of every census process.

Directors Blog
Datos para la redistribución legislativa: qué esperar y cuándo
Hemos tenido varios equipos trabajando arduamente en el próximo conjunto de datos del Censo 2020 : los datos de redistritación.

Directors Blog
Redistricting Data: What to Expect and When
Since releasing the apportionment results in April, we’ve had several teams working hard on the next set of 2020 Census data — the redistricting data.

Random Samplings Blog
Resources Available to Prepare for the 2020 Census Redistricting Data Release
In a few weeks, we’ll release the 2020 Census redistricting data in our legacy summary file format. And a few weeks after that, we’ll release the same data in an easier-to-use format.

Random Samplings Blog
Censo del 2020: Métricas de calidad, Publicación 2
Este blog proporciona datos destacados del segundo grupo de métricas operacionales de calidad del Censo del 2020.

Random Samplings Blog
2020 Census Operational Quality Metrics: Release 2
Today we released the second round of 2020 Census operational quality metrics.

Random Samplings Blog
Apportionment Population Counts and What to Expect on Release Day
Here at the U.S. Census Bureau, we’re excited to be nearing the important milestone of delivering the first results from the 2020 Census — the apportionment population counts.

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