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New Variable: Subsidized Marketplace Coverage (HIMRKS)

The 2019 American Community Survey (ACS) includes a new two-part Health Insurance Premium and Subsidy question. The new variable HIMRKS provides estimates of the number and proportion of people with subsidized Marketplace coverage. Variable HIMRKS has three values: 0 = Categorically ineligible for subsidy, 1 = Direct purchase coverage, with premium subsidy, and 2 = Direct purchase coverage, without a premium subsidy.  Persons in the 'Categorically ineligible for subsidy' category are not eligible for Marketplace coverage. Additionally, because ACS collects Marketplace coverage as a subcategory of direct purchase coverage, people who do not report direct purchase coverage (do not respond Yes to direct purchase coverage) are included in the 'Categorically ineligible for subsidy’ category. For more information about HIMRKS, see Hernandez-Viver, Adriana and Edward R. Berchick, “Subsidized Marketplace Coverage in the American Community Survey” at https://www.census.gov/library/working-papers/2020/demo/SEHSD-WP2020-14.html.


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