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ASEC User Note: Redesign of the Geographic Mobility Table Package: 2021

The Journey-to-Work and Migration Statistics Branch has produced annual tables on geographic mobility since 1947. Since their inception, these tables have been modified to meet the needs of data users. The 2021 table package includes three notable changes. First, to conform to U.S. Census Bureau data quality standards, the 2021 tables differentiate between estimates that equal zero (denoted with a “0”) and those that round to zero, denoted by “(Z)”. Previous versions of the table package used "-" to denote both values. Second, one of the “reasons for moving” categories was revised from “Wanted cheaper housing” in 2020 to “Cheaper housing” in 2021. Third, labeling and formatting was improved throughout the tables for better usability and accessibility. The detailed spreadsheet below outlines the changes between the following Geographic Mobility table packages: 2014 and 2015; 2014 and 2017; 2017 and 2018; 2018 and 2019; 2019 and 2020; and 2020 and 2021. 


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