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CPS User Note: Expansion and Redesign of the CPS ASEC 5-year Detailed Table Package for Geographical Mobility: 2010

Expansion of the 5-Year Geographic Mobility Detailed Table Package

Beginning in 1975, the Journey to Work and Migration Branch produced mid-decade tables, years ending in 5, containing 5-year geographical mobility data. During census years, those ending in 0, 5-year geographic mobility tables were available. With the discontinuation of the Census long form in 2010, 5-year geographic mobility data were no longer collected for census years. In order to remedy this situation, the CPS/ASEC will collect 5-year geographic mobility data for years ending in 5 and 0, providing users with an uninterrupted set of 5-year data covering a 40 year period.

CPS Table Redesign

Since their inception, these tables have evolved and been modified to meet the needs of the users. In 2007, the 1-year detailed table package was revised in an effort to improve the quality of data. The 5-year detailed table package for 2010 will be the first 5-year product to reflect these changes. In some cases, tables were consolidated to reduce unnecessary duplication of data. Others were expanded to include additional characteristics. Total movers, principal cities, and suburb columns were added to the metropolitan tables. A detailed spreadsheet below outlines the changes between 2005 and 2010.

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