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Business Dynamics Statistics of U.S. Goods Traders (BDS-Goods Traders)

The Business Dynamics Statistics of U.S. Goods Traders (BDS-Goods Traders) is an experimental data product extending the Business Dynamics Statistics program. BDS-Goods Traders provides annual measures of business dynamics by four mutually exclusive goods-trading classifications: exporter only, importer only, exporter and importer, non-trader.


BDS-Goods Traders data tables show key economic data:

  • Employment – job creation and destruction
  • Job expansions and contractions
  • Number of establishments and firms
  • Establishment openings and closings
  • Number of startups and firm shutdowns


The BDS-Goods Traders series provides annual statistics for 1992 to 2020 by:

  • Economy-wide
  • Firm size
  • Initial firm size
  • Firm age
  • Division
  • 4-digit NAICS


NEW: The 2020 BDS-Goods Traders covering the years 1992 to 2020 is now available! The 2020 release includes applicable changes and improvements reflected in the 2020 BDS Release.

Questions?  Contact us at ces.bds@census.gov.


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