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Experimental Business Dynamics Statistics (EXP-BDS)

The Center for Economic Studies (CES) is extending the Longitudinal Business Database (LBD), by matching additional datasets from a variety of sources. CES is developing a suite of experimental Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS) products using these newly linked data. These products expand and improve the LBD/BDS data infrastructure and provide additional public use information about how firm characteristics relate to employment flows.


BDS-Globally Engaged Firms

Describes the business dynamics of globally engaged firms. Firms can be globally engaged on three main dimensions: goods traders, services traders, multinationals.

  • BDS-Goods Traders: goods traders are defined as firms that export and import goods. Released December 2021, updated November 2022
  • BDS-Services Traders: services traders are defined as firms that export and import services (444 KB). In research phase
  • BDS-Multinationals: multinationals are defined as firms that directly invest abroad in a foreign business (USDIA) and U.S. firms in which there is foreign direct investment (FDIUS). See Kamal et. al. (2022) for a description of the BEA-Census matched data and preliminary results. In research phase


BDS-Innovative Firms

Describes subpopulations of firms engaged in activities related to innovation. 


BDS-Single Unit Firms

This product is a quarterly time series describing the business dynamics of predominately small businesses that operate in a single location. With employment measured at four points in the year, these experimental tables are well suited for measuring within-year economic disruptions such as the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Released December 2022, adding revenue data in Spring 2023



Uses business income tax reports to look at output growth and productivity, building on research by Haltwanger et. al. (2016)In research phase


BDS-High Growth

Tracks quickly growing firms. In research phase


BDS-SBA Covid Response

Merges SBA data about their assistance to small businesses in 2020 and 2021, which will eventually include information about the Paycheck Protection Program, COVID-Economic Injury Disaster Loans, Shuttered Venue Operators Grants and the Restaurant Revitalization Fund. In research phase


BDS-Firm Finance

Describes the business dynamics of publicly traded firms and private firms. Links data on financing (including data from the Private Capital Research Institute, Compustat and SEC) to LBD firms, as described in Davis et. al. (2006) Key variables include financing source, firm debt, equity and stock performance. In research phase


BDS-Human Capital

Uses administrative earnings records to match individual workers to firms found in the LBD to create summary measures of the demographic characteristics of workers (age, sex, race, foreign-born) at each firm and then to stratify the firm universe based on relative place in the average worker age, gender, or race distribution.  Establishment and employment dynamics for these firm groups will be reported in a new experimental product and will also provide average share of different types of workers by other firm characteristics such as industry, geography, firm age, and firm size. In research phase


Questions? Contact us at ces.bds@census.gov.


Page Last Revised - February 15, 2023
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