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Dispersion Statistics on Productivity (DiSP)


The Dispersion Statistics on Productivity (DiSP) is a joint experimental data product from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau.  The DiSP provide statistics on within-industry dispersion in productivity.


NEW: The 2022 release adds two measures of tail dispersion, the 99-90 range and the 10-01 range. In addition, the series now covers years 1987-2019. Like the 2021 release, the 2022 release of DiSP is based on longitudinally consistent 2012 NAICS codes.


  • Productivity measures
    • Output per hour
    • Total factor productivity
  • Dispersion statistics
    • Standard deviation
    • Interquartile range
    • Inter-decile range (90-10)
    • Upper tail range (99-90)
    • Lower tail range (10-01)
  • 4-digit NAICS
  • 1987-2019

Questions?  Contact us at ces.disp@census.gov.


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