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County Business Patterns (CBP) News

Here you will find news related to County Business Patterns.

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Stats for Stories
National Doctors Day: March 30, 2023
The 2021 American Community Survey estimated 712,332 civilians 16 years and over were employed as “Other physicians.” Median earnings was $226,590.

Stats for Stories
Major League Baseball Opening Day: March 30, 2023
The 2021 Population Estimates of the 25 metro areas with MLB teams found the largest is New York with 19,768,458 and the smallest is Milwaukee with 1,566,487.

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Mom and Pop Business Owners Day: March 29, 2023
The 2019 Statistics of U.S. Businesses counted employment of 133.0M, of which 71.3M worked for enterprises with 500+ employees and 61.7M for those under 500.

Stats for Stories
World Water Day: March 22, 2023
Total U.S. construction spending on water supply hit a high of $2.4B in August 2022. That same month had record spending on sewage and waste disposal of $3.1B.

Stats for Stories
National Agriculture Day and Week: March 21 and 21-27, 2023
The 2019 American Community Survey estimated 468,808 farmers, ranchers, and other agriculture managers in the U.S. — 411,859 male and 56,949 female.

Stats for Stories
Certified Nurses Day: March 19, 2023
The 2019 American Community Survey estimated 2,523,490 registered nurses in the United States. Over 2.1 million were female and nearly 337,000 were male.

Stats for Stories
National Poultry Day: March 19, 2023
The 2019 County Business Patterns program counted 524 poultry processing establishments in the U.S. with 243,310 employees earning $8.28B in annual payroll.

Stats for Stories
Sunshine Week & Freedom of Information Day: March 12-18 & 16, 2023
President Johnson signed into law the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act on July 4, 1966. The American Society of News Editors launched Sunshine Week in 2005.

Stats for Stories
Employee Appreciation Day: March 3, 2023
The 2021 American Community Survey estimated about 109.6M full-time, year-round civilian workers aged 16 and over in the U.S. and median earnings were $53,888.

Stats for Stories
Ohio 220th Anniversary of Statehood (1803): March 1, 2023
Ohio ratified the U.S. Constitution on March 1, 1803 – (17th state). Nickname: The Buckeye State. Motto: With God, all things are possible.

Stats for Stories
Valentine’s Day: February 14, 2023
According to the 2021 American Community Survey, 49.7% of men and 46.5% of women 15 years and over are now married. Never married are 37.1% men and 31.3% women.

Press Release
County Business Patterns
The U.S. Census Bureau today released the 2021 County Business Patterns (CBP) First Look data table.

Stats for Stories
Massachusetts 235th Anniversary of Statehood (1788): February 6, 2023
Massachusetts ratified the U.S. Constitution on Feb. 6, 1788 – (6th). Nickname: The Bay State. Motto: By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.

Stats for Stories
American Heart Month: February 2023
The 2021 American Community Survey estimates there were 712,332 physicians, 122,904 physician assistants, 17,891 radiologists, and 51,318 surgeons in the U.S.

Stats for Stories
National Popcorn Day: January 19, 2023
According to the Popcorn Board, Americans consume 14 billion quarts of popped popcorn each year, based on 2016-2020 sales. That about 43 quarts per person.

Stats for Stories
National Pharmacist Day: January 12, 2023
According to the 2021 American Community Survey, there were 261,009 pharmacists and 256,901 pharmacy technicians in the United States.

Stats for Stories
National Milk Day: January 11, 2023
According to the 2021 Annual Survey of Manufactures, fluid milk manufacturing shipments were valued at $41.3 billion and involved 55,364 employees.

Stats for Stories
Connecticut 235th Anniversary of Statehood (1788): January 9, 2023
Connecticut ratified the U.S. Constitution on Jan. 9, 1788 – (5th state). Nickname: The Constitution State. Motto: He Who Transplanted Still Sustains.

Stats for Stories
Georgia 235th Anniversary of Statehood (1788): January 2, 2023
Georgia ratified the U.S. Constitution on Jan. 2, 1788, fourth of the original 13 states to do so. Nickname: Peach State. Motto: Wisdom, Justice, Moderation.

Stats for Stories
National Hot Tea Month: January 2023
U.S. imports of tea, spices, etc., were valued above $2.84 billion in 2021, $1.08 billion more than the $1.75 billion value a decade earlier in 2011.

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