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Annual Integrated Economic Survey (AIES)

The Annual Integrated Economic Survey (AIES) is a re-engineered survey designed to integrate and replace seven existing annual business surveys into a streamlined single survey instrument. It is designed to be easier for businesses to complete, result in better and more timely data, and allow the Census Bureau to operate more efficiently to reduce costs. The AIES will provide key yearly measures of economic activity including the only comprehensive national and subnational data on business revenues, expenses, and assets on an annual basis.  The AIES will be conducted annually.

The existing surveys integrated into the AIES include:

  • Annual Retail Trade Survey (ARTS)
  • Annual Wholesale Trade Survey (AWTS)
  • Service Annual Survey (SAS)
  • Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM)
  • Annual Capital Expenditures Survey (ACES)
  • Manufacturers’ Unfilled Orders Survey (M3UFO)
  • Report of Organization (COS)

It is a company-based survey that:

  • Covers domestic, nonfarm employer businesses with operations during the survey year.
  • Samples approximately 385,000 small, medium, and large companies.
  • Includes most industries across the economy; and
  • Spans most geographic areas of the United States, including all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


Annual Integrated Economic Survey (AIES) Timeline
Page Last Revised - May 10, 2023
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