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ACS Research & Evaluation Program

The Research and Evaluation program conducts research and evaluation projects, including survey methodology research, important for the improvement of the ACS.

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Working Paper
Reducing Response Burden in the ACS: Proceedings of a Workshop
Learn more about ways to reduce respondent burden on the ACS.

Working Paper
Consistency of ACS Data Quality Filtering Over Time
Learn more about filtering out low quality data in order to ensure that published ACS data estimates are highly reliable.

Working Paper
Research for Replacing/Supplementing Self-Employment Income on the ACS
Learn more about the potential for using IRS data to capture self-employment income on the ACS.

Working Paper
Simulated Effects: Changing Calling Parameters & Workload Size on CATI
Learn more about ways to make the telephone calling centers more efficient.

Working Paper
2016 American Community Survey Respondent Burden Testing
Learn more about how the Census Bureau is gathering feedback about potential question changes that could help reduce burden for respondents.

Working Paper
2014 ACS Supplemental Tables Reliability Analysis
Learn more about the reliabilty of the estimates in the 2014 Supplemental Tables.

Working Paper
Usability Testing of the ACS on Smartphones and Tablets - Phase I
Learn more about testing the ACS on smartphones and tablets.

Working Paper
Evaluation of Transitioning Telephone Number Sources for the ACS
Learn more about how the new source of telephone numbers affected the telephone interviewing program (CATI).

Working Paper
Research for Replacing or Supplementing the ROYA Question on the ACS
Learn more about the potential for using IRS data to determine whether a respondent moved in the past year.

Working Paper
Evaluation of August 2015 ACS Mail Contact Strategy Modification
Learn more about the impact on response and cost of the August 2015 mail contact strategy change.

Working Paper
"Why We Ask" Mail Package Insert Test
Learn more about an experiment that assessed the impact on response and cost of proposed design changes to the ACS mail materials.

Working Paper
2015 Envelope Mandatory Messaging Test
Learn about the results of a test conducted to address concerns about the mandatory message “Your Response Is Required By Law” used on ACS mail materials.

Working Paper
Results to Reduce Respondent Contact Burden in ACS CAPI
Learn about the results of a pilot to address respondent concerns about the burden associated with the contact attempts made during the ACS CAPI operation.

Working Paper
2015 Summer Mandatory Messaging Test
Learn more about an experiment to assess the impact of changes to mandatory messaging on response, cost, and the reliability of survey estimates.

Working Paper
Researching Administrative Record Usage for ACS Income Question
Learn more about the potential for using administrative records to replace or supplement the income question on the American Community Survey.

Working Paper
2014 American Community Survey (ACS) Internet Test
Learn about the 2014 Internet Test, which evaluated potential screen changes and ways to encourage respondents to return to the survey.

Working Paper
Measurement Error in ACS Paradata & Redesign of Contact History
Learn more about changes to the data Field Representatives track when contacting respondents and how these changes provide higher quality information.

Working Paper
Adding Internet Mode to ACS Housing Unit Primary Selection Algorithm
Learn about how the ACS handles the case of getting more than one response from a particular address.

Page Last Revised - November 19, 2021
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