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ACS Research & Evaluation Program

The Research and Evaluation program conducts research and evaluation projects, including survey methodology research, important for the improvement of the ACS.

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Working Paper
ACS: Sample Representivity for the Nation and Puerto Rico
Report gives indication of how representative the interviewed occupied housing units in the ACS are of the ACS nonrespondents and sampling frame.

Working Paper
ACS: Sample Representivity for American Indian Areas
Report gives indication of how representative the interviewed housing units in the ACS are of ACS nonrespondents and sampling frame in American Indian areas.

Working Paper
Model-Based Mode of Data Collection Switching from Internet to Mail
Describes research exploring the feasibility and benefits of applying adaptive survey design methods to switch ACS sample cases from Internet to mail.

Working Paper
Effect of Changing Call Parameters in ACS CATI Operations
Summarizes the effect of CATI call parameter changes, confirming that the loss in interviews and increase in CAPI workload are in line with projections.

Working Paper
Testing of Modified ACS Envelopes/Letters for Use During 2010 Census
Documents findings from cognitive testing in 2009 of ACS envelopes and letters modified for use during the 2010 Census advertising environment.

Working Paper
Analysis of Alternative Call Parameters in the ACS CAPI
Analysis of alternative call parameters for the Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) data collection mode.

Working Paper
Ungeocoded Delivery Sequence File Records in the ACS Sampling Frame
Update of criterion to rely on more recent information for the area in which we use ungeocoded Delivery Sequence File records from Census 2000.

Working Paper
Impact of Contacts by Computer-Assisted Interviews on Final Outcome
Summarizes the results of an analysis of the impact of multiple contacts on interview outcomes for housing units in the ACS.

Working Paper
2010 ACS Content Test Evaluation: Behavior Coding Results
Behavior coding results from the 2010 American Community Survey Content Test.

Working Paper
Tracking ACS Mail Response During the 2010 Census
Examines the impact of 2010 Census operations on the ACS mail response from Jan-June 2010 at the national level and by segmentation group.

Working Paper
Mode Switching to Improve Estimates for Language Households
Looks at the potential value of using paradata on the reason for a CATI noninterview to select a different sample for CAPI follow up.

Working Paper
Replicate Weight-Based Methods: Imputation Variance in Mass Imputation
Details the methodology developed for the 2011 ACS data products to account for imputation methodology within the current variance estimation framework.

Working Paper
Using 2010 Census Data to Improve ACS Estimates of Group Quarters
Aimed to establish that new methodology improved the usability of estimates for census tracts.

Working Paper
Imputation Methods to Improve Estimates of Group Quarters Population
Examines the results of method using real ACS data and compares results of the new methodology with those of the current ACS methodology.

Working Paper
Write-In Entries, Potential Effect of Truncation of Long Responses
Documents the maximum field lengths specific to each open response question in the 2009 ACS and measures rates of truncated responses in the mail mode.

Working Paper
Inconsistencies in Occupancy Status: 2010 Census, 2010 1-Yr Estimates
Determines if a single factor accounted for all or most inconsistent occupancy status classifications and which characteristics are associated with rates of inconsistency.

Working Paper
Using Regional Office Language Support for Telephone Center Activities
Documents the effectiveness and costs of using the Los Angeles Regional Office for non-English telephone support during two 2009 tests.

Working Paper
Paradata to Assess Quality/Functionality of the Internet Instrument
Summarizes results of paradata analysis to explain how respondents interacted with Internet instrument and identify potential problems.

Working Paper
Analysis of the ACS and Puerto Rico Community Survey Coverage
Compared the ACS and PRCS estimates before controls to the 2010 Census counts to obtain estimates of coverage.

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