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ACS Research & Evaluation Program

The Research and Evaluation program conducts research and evaluation projects, including survey methodology research, important for the improvement of the ACS.

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Working Paper
Differences in ACS and 2010 Census Occupancy Status - Sampling Frame
Overview of differences between the 2010 Census universe of housing units and 2010 ACS housing unit sampling frame, related to occupancy status discrepancies.

Working Paper
Evaluating Response in the ACS by Race and Ethnicity
Provides important information about the inclusion of racial and ethnic groups in the ACS.

Working Paper
Data Quality Assessment of the ACS Internet Response Data
Determines whether Internet respondents provided comparable data to mail respondents.

Working Paper
Option for Improving Mail Return Edit Used in Failed Edit Follow up
Exploration of using an alternative method in the mail return edit (assigning a point value to each missing item) to determine a reduced FEFU workload.

Working Paper
Projected 2013 Costs of a Voluntary American Community Survey
Provides updated cost and workload estimates associated with implementing a voluntary ACS.

Working Paper
Refreshing Community Address Updating System Block Score for 2011
Analyzed the post 2010 Decennial Address Canvassing results of the Demographic Area Address Listing program.

Working Paper
Results from the April 2011 Puerto Rico Community Survey Internet Test
Summarizes results of the PRCS Internet Test conducted in April 2011.

Working Paper
Improving Weighted Person-Level Estimates from the ACS's PUMS
Research into using an expanded weighting matrix to improve consistency between estimates of the full sample ACS and its Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS).

Working Paper
An Evaluation of the Transition to the iCADE Data Capture System
Overview of the ACS evaluation of the iCADE system, including the flow of forms through the data capture process, and the 2011 workloads by step.

Working Paper
2011 ACS Internet Tests: Results from First Test in April 2011
Summarizes results of first ACS Internet test to determine the best way to present the Internet mode in the ACS mailings to maximize self-response.

Working Paper
2011 ACS Internet Tests: Results from Second Test in November 2011
Summarizes results of second ACS Internet test to determine the best way to present the Internet mode in the ACS mailings to maximize self-response.

Working Paper
Investigation: Expanding Community Address Updating System Universe
Analyzed results of the Census 2010 address canvassing and experimental listings conducted by the Community Address Updating System.

Working Paper
ACS and 2010 Census Occupancy Status - Data Collection Methods
Review of ACS field representative and Census enumerator procedures, training, etc. to identify differences that contribute to occupancy status discrepancies.

Working Paper
Feedback from Small Area Data Users on ACS 5-Year Estimates
Summary of results from a series of outreach sessions conducted to gain feedback on 5-year estimates from users of small area statistics.

Working Paper
Ungeocoded File Records in Counties Outside Census 2000 Blue Line
Evaluation of decision to begin using ungeocoded delivery sequence file records.

Working Paper
Design of the American Community Survey Internet Instrument
Details the design considerations in developing the ACS Internet instrument used in both 2011 ACS Internet tests.

Working Paper
American Community Survey/Census Group Quarters Match
Evaluation of match between ACS and 2010 Census group quarters lists.

Working Paper
April 2011 ACS Internet Test: Attitudes and Behavior Study Follow up
Summarizes the findings from a follow up survey of mail responders, Internet responders, and nonresponders in the experimental treatment of the Internet Test.

Working Paper
Identifying Records That Elude Housing Unit Frame Filters
Analysis of 2009 address canvassing results in an attempt to address the increasing over-coverage in the ACS housing unit frame.

Working Paper
2010 Evaluation Report Covering Wages
Results of proposed changes to the wages content as tested in the 2010 American Community Survey Content Test.

Working Paper
Research on Master Address File Quality - Implications for the ACS
Summary of research done to assess the quality of the Master Address File and to identify components of the ACS sample frame requiring additional research.

Working Paper
Evaluation of the PRCS-Operational Feasibility and Quality
Evaluation of operational feasibility and quality of the Puerto Rico Community Survey, using workload, cost, and response rate information.

Working Paper
Respondent Characteristics: Mandatory and Voluntary Response Methods
Examines how the distribution of respondent characteristics differ between the two methods and whether any difference is reflected in the final estimates.

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