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ACS Research & Evaluation Program

The Research and Evaluation program conducts research and evaluation projects, including survey methodology research, important for the improvement of the ACS.

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Working Paper
Measurement Error: Relationship Status of Same-Sex Couples, 2009 ACS
Examines predictors of same-sex couples reporting their relationship as "husband or wife" using 2009 ACS 1-year internal data and logistic regression.

Working Paper
Evaluation of Multiple Responses
Assesses respondents' multiple responses to questions requiring a single response and if ACS should continue to blank multiple responses in the mail mode.

Working Paper
Evaluation of ACS Mail Materials and Strategy During the 2010 Census
Describes results of testing messaging and design changes to the ACS mailing materials to minimize impact of 2010 Census activities on ACS mail response rates.

Working Paper
Evaluation of Responses to H25 - The Impact of Current Residence Rule
Project uses responses to the H25 question on the ACS questionnaire to provide information regarding the use of the current residence rule in the ACS.

Working Paper
Comparison of the ACS Voluntary Versus Mandatory Estimates
Re-examination of data to assess if estimates produced from a voluntary ACS would differ from estimates produced from a mandatory ACS.

Working Paper
Evaluating Use of Family Equalization for ACS Weighting Methodology
Evaluated the effects of change in weighting methodology in both the 2006 and 2007 ACS.

Working Paper
Analysis: Variances of Estimates of the Group Quarters Population
Determines for which estimates GQ variances are highest and the effects of the higher variances and assesses why GQ population estimates have higher variances.

Working Paper
Using Subcounty Population Estimates as Controls in Weighting for ACS
Evaluated the effects of incorporating the PEP estimates for subcounty areas into the ACS weighting process.

Working Paper
Analysis: Alternate Variance Estimation Methods, Group Quarters Sample
Alternate variance estimation methods were compared to the successive difference replication method.

Working Paper
Quality Measures Associated with a Voluntary American Community Survey
Provides updated information about the quality implications associated with implementing a voluntary ACS.

Working Paper
Quantifying Discrepancies Between Diverse Multi-Year Estimates
Offesr a critique of the comparison of diverse MYEs and discusses general method based on relative percent discrepancies.

Working Paper
Cost and Workload Implications of a Voluntary ACS
Provides updated information about the costs and workloads associated with implementing a voluntary ACS.

Working Paper
Simulating the Effect of Filtering on 5-Year Estimates
Assessment focused on what would happen if standard ACS filtering rules were applied to the 5-year MYES data and adjusted 2005-2007 weighted data.

Working Paper
5-year MYES Estimates: Comparison - Census 2000 Long Form Estimates
Summarizes results of projects on the potential quality or reliability of ACS 5-year data.

Working Paper
Data Quality Filtering of Multiyear Estimates in ACS Data Products
Documents research that attempts to answer questions about ACS's filtering procedures.

Working Paper
Comparison to Selected Housing/Financial Characteristics from 2007 AHS
Comparison of national distributions of housing and financial characteristics between the 2007 ACS and 2007 AHS.

Working Paper
Evaluation of the Process Review Operation
Evaluation of 2008 and 2009 process review operation.

Working Paper
Comparison of ACS Detailed Tables with Census 2000 SF3 Tables
Comparison of Detailed Tables released in Census 2000 SF3 with 2005-2009 ACS 5-year estimates.

Working Paper
An Investigation of Data Release Rules for Medians and Zero Estimates
Examines alternatives to current release rules as they apply to 1-year and 3-year medians and zero estimates.

Page Last Revised - November 19, 2021
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