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ACS Publications and Working Papers

Browse American Community Survey publications and working papers including the following series:

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Working Paper
Messaging and Mail Package Assessment Research: Cumulative Findings
Provides key considerations for ACS mail package testing and recommends two alternate mail package designs for field-testing.

Older Americans With a Disability: 2008-2012
Examines the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the older population with a disability, with a focus on those in poverty or living alone.

Computer and Internet Use in the United States: 2013
This publication is from the 2013 ACS questions about Computer and Internet Use.

Employment Status and Occupations of Gulf War-Era Veterans
The focus of this analysis is on veterans who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces only from August 1990 or later.

Working Paper
American Community Survey Mail Package Research: Online Visual Testing
Presents findings from research on three alternative mail package designs.

Poverty: 2012 and 2013
This report uses the 2012 and 2013 American Community Survey (ACS) 1-year data to compare poverty rates and the number of people in poverty.

Household Income: 2013
Estimates from the 2013 ACS show a significant increase in median household income at the national level and for many states.

Working Paper
Evaluation of the Revised Veteran Status Question in the 2013 ACS
This report evaluates how well the revised veteran status question on the 2013 ACS performed in its ability to capture quality data compared with prior years.

Working Paper
Effect on Item Nonresponse of Changes to Failed Edit Follow-up
Conducted evaluation to understand the effect the cut back in follow-up had on data quality.

Public Assistance Receipt: 2000 to 2012
This report presents data on public assistance receipt at the national and state levels.

Working Paper
ACS Response and Nonresponse Rates for AIAN Geographic Areas
Provides the response, nonresponse, and reason for noninterview for AIAN areas.

Working Paper
Characteristics of Undeliverable-as-Addressed Addresses in the ACS
Investigate if characteristics of an address in the ACS can predict if a mailing is undeliverable as addressed (UAA) by the USPS.

Market Absorption of Apartments: 2013 Characteristics Report
Since the construction boom of the early 1970’s, both private industry and government have seen the need for information on the nature of rental housing.

Changes in Areas With Concentrated Poverty: 2000 to 2010
This report largely compares Census 2000 poverty estimates with those based on the 2008–2012 5-year American Community Survey (ACS).

Working Paper
Testing Alternative Relationship and Marital Status Questions 2013 ACS
Quantitatively tested revised relationship and marital status questions developed through focus groups and cognitive testing.

Working Paper
ACS Messaging Research: Cumulative Findings
Consolidates the findings from each of these research studies aimed at identifying effective messages about the ACS.

English-Speaking Ability of the Foreign-Born Population: 2012
This report examines English use at home and English-speaking ability among the foreign born.

Working Paper
Reducing Respondent Burden: Computer Assisted Personal Visit (Part 2)
Detailed information about contact attempts, contacts, and respondent reluctance as measures of respondent burden.

Working Paper
The Effects of Adding an Internet Response Option to the ACS
Describes the full implementation strategy used in the 2013 ACS and the survey response by mode and geography.

Modes Less Traveled—Bicycling and Walking to Work: 2008–2012
This report shows that biking to work increased by 60% over the last decade. Many U.S. cities are also seeing an increase in bicycle commuters.

Working Paper
Reducing Burden in Computer Assisted Personal Visit - Phase 1 (Part 1)
Provides baseline information about the CAPI data collection that will feed into the additional phases of the respondent burden research.

Working Paper
ACS Messaging Research: Refinement Survey
Refinement study is the second phase of a two-wave telephone survey study regarding messaging around the ACS.

Working Paper
2013 Automated Response Cleanup for ACS Internet Open Response Data
Conducted evaluation to assess the Internet open responses that the Automated Response Cleanup (ARC) changed during the first four months of 2013.

Working Paper
Assessment of the Revised Duplication Zone
Goal of evaluation is to determine whether this rule has a negative effect on ACS interview and delete rates.

Working Paper
Response Rates for the January, February, and March 2013 ACS Panels
Evaluation presents the 2013 response rates by mode and defines and computes additional response rates specific to the 2013 mail and Internet modes.

Working Paper
Response Distributions from Self-Administered Modes: Processing Errors
Conducted evaluation to identify and resolve processing error resulting from the implementation of the Internet mode in the 2013 ACS.

Working Paper
Reimputation Methods to Estimate Variances - Group Quarters
Evaluated alternative methods to estimate the variances of ACS estimates of the group quarters population.

Working Paper
Use of Optical Character Recognition to Capture Numeric Write-ins
Examines the use of optical character recognition (OCR) software to capture ACS numeric write-ins and reports on the accuracy of the OCR software.

The Centenarian Population: 2007-2011
This brief provides an overview of the centenarian population living in the United States based on the 2007–2011 American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year data.

Working Paper
Multiple Responses and Internet Returns that Identify as Vacant Units
"Conducted evaluation to identify how often respondents provide multiple responses and to provide information that the ACS managers needed."

Working Paper
ACS Messaging Research: Key Informant Interviews
Qualitative study gathers insights from leaders that use data professionally or work for organizations that conduct outreach.

Working Paper
Reducing Respondent Burden: Computer Assisted Personal Visit (Part 1)
Quantify the costs, burden, and quality associated with CAPI contact attempts and identify possible interventions that might reduce respondent burden.

Working Paper
ACS Messaging Research: Benchmark Survey
Research aims to increase participation rates in the ACS and address concerns about whether the ACS is too intrusive.

Working Paper
ACS Messaging Research: Mental Models Research Project
Research provides qualitative information that will produce recommendations to support regional communications and improve outreach.

Working Paper
Messaging Research With Stakeholders Distrustful of Government
Examines what messages or arguments could help motivate individuals who are distrustful of government to self-respond to the ACS.

Working Paper
American Community Survey Item Nonresponse Rates: Mail versus Internet
Conducted evaluation to calculate item nonresponse rates across mail and Internet returns to compare the completeness of returns by mode.

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