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ACS Publications and Working Papers

Browse American Community Survey publications and working papers including the following series:

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Working Paper
AFF-ACS Multiyear Data Release Info Sharing Session
Summarizes feedback given by participants to discuss changes to American FactFinder.

Working Paper
Analysis of the 2008 Tenure Question in the American Community Survey
Summarizes results from evaluating the tenure question on the 2007 ACS Content Test.

Working Paper
Issues of Interpretation of ACS 1-, 3-, 5-Year Estimates
Aims at aiding data users in comprehending the annual 5-year multiyear estimates.

Working Paper
2005 American Community Survey Respondent Characteristics Evaluation
Identifies characteristics that are associated with households responding by each mode used in the ACS.

Income, Earnings, and Poverty Data: 2007 American Community Survey
This report looks at information on income, earnings, and poverty collected in the 2007 American Community Survey (ACS).

Working Paper
Effects of Using Minor Civil Divisions as Design Areas
Assess the impact on the distribution of the ACS sample by including MCDs as design areas when determining sampling strata assignments.

Working Paper
Testing a New Field of Degree Question for the ACS
Results of the proposed addition of field of degree as tested in the 2007 American Community Survey Methods Test.

Working Paper
The Use of Population Estimates as Controls to the ACS: An Evaluation
Presents results of comparisons for the population estimates used in the C2SS.

Working Paper
Comparison of Data from the 2005 NYC Housing and Vacancy Survey
Comparison of data on selected characteristics from the 2005 NYCHVS and 2005 ACS.

Working Paper
A Profile of the Idle Youth in the U.S.
The idle youth are people who do not finish school as well as people who finish school but cannot attach to the labor force.

Working Paper
Effects of Using a Grid Versus a Sequential Form on ACS
Test provided data to help decide the format of the basic demographic section of the 2008 ACS mail form.

Working Paper
Comparison of Data on Ancestry: Census 2000, C2SS, and 2005 ACS
Comparison of national estimates of ancestry between the C2SS and Census 2000 and 2005 ACS and C2SS.

Working Paper
Language Use and English-Speaking Ability: ACS, C2SS, and Census 2000
Comparison of national estimates of language between the 2005 ACS, Census 2000, and C2SS.


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