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ACS Publications and Working Papers

Browse American Community Survey publications and working papers including the following series:

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Working Paper
Quality Measures: ACS 3-yr Averages & Census 2000 Sample Estimates
Compares selected quality measures from the 1999-2001 ACS 3-year estimates to the Census 2000 long form.

Working Paper
A Closer Look at the Quality of Small Area Estimates from ACS
Looks at ability of ACS to produce quality data at the county level by focusing on nonsampling error issues.

Working Paper
Grandparents Living with Grandchildren: Data - Census 2000 & 2000 ACS
Compares grandparent response items on Census 2000 and 2000 American Community Survey.

Working Paper
Income in the American Community Survey: Comparisons to Census 2000
Explain major differences between decennial census and ACS income estimates and provide overview of ACS results.

Working Paper
Making it in the Bronx: A Supplement
Comparison of the Bronx and the nation on mail return rates and minimally complete questionnaires.

Working Paper
Making it in the Bronx: First the Yankees, Next the ACS
Research using ACS test site data for the Bronx: analysis of nonresponse.

Working Paper
American Community Survey Operations Plan Release 1: March 2003
Identifies and documents components of the ACS and describes projects associated with making the transition from a demonstration program to a production survey.

Working Paper
Small Area Modeling for the American Community Survey
Investigation of issues involved with estimating small areas for the ACS.

Working Paper
Optimum Nonresponse Subsampling Rate for the ACS
Examination of the ideal subsampling rate for the CATI nonresponse mode for the American Community Survey.

Working Paper
Measuring Education: A Comparison of the Decennial Census and the ACS
Detailed comparison of school enrollment data collected from Census 2000 with data collected from the 2000 American Community Survey.

Working Paper
Documenting Migration Across Borders: The United States and Canada
Information on characteristics, border crossings, and timing of migration.

Working Paper
Comparing Social Characteristics Between Census 2000 and the ACS
Compares results from Census 2000 to results from the American Community Survey for characteristics such as nativity, place of birth, language, and ancestry.

Working Paper
Can ACS Trust Using Respondent Data to Impute Data for Nonrespondents?
Study the characteristics of ACS nonrespondents and look at ACS noninterview adjustment procedures.

Working Paper
Report 3: Testing the Use of Voluntary Methods
Summarizes results of test about the impact that a change to voluntary methods would have on mail response, survey quality, and costs.

Working Paper
The Quality of Estimates from the ACS for Small Population Groups
Overview of quality of American Community Survey estimates, including sample size, interpretation of multiyear averages, reliability, and representativeness.

Working Paper
Counting People with Disabilities
Comparison of disability data between Census 2000 and the Census 2000 Supplementary Survey with a focus on methodological differences.

Working Paper
Steps Toward a North American Migration Survey
Lessons Learned from the Census Bureau’s Migrant Life History Project (MLHP).

Working Paper
Assessment of Data Collected from Non-English Speaking Households
Assess completeness of data collected from non-English speaking households to measure item nonresponse.


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