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ACS Publications and Working Papers

Browse American Community Survey publications and working papers including the following series:

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Working Paper
The American Community Survey: Challenges and Opportunities for HUD
Identified HUD activities that depend on decennial census data and that could be affected by the American Community Survey.

Working Paper
Methodological Issues in Local Area Application of the ACS
Discusses difficulties in comparing 2000 Census to 2000 American Community Survey for response and imputation rates.

Working Paper
ACS: Quality of Response by Mode of Data Collection, Bronx Test Site
Study focuses on three measures of non-response (mail return rate, minimal questionnaire completeness, and item imputation) at Bronx test site for 2000 ACS.

Working Paper
Discussion: Quality of Estimates from ACS for Small Population Groups
Discusses the quality and usefulness of estimates from the American Community Survey for small population groups.

Working Paper
American Community Survey Update
Updates on American Community Survey as of 2002.

Working Paper
Evaluating Feasibility of Mailout/Mailback Operations in PR in 2003
Results from test to assess feasibility of using mail as a data collection methodology in Puerto Rico.

Working Paper
Report 2: Demonstrating Survey Quality
Discusses timeliness and focuses on the accuracy of the Census 2000 Supplementary Survey.

Working Paper
Reported Behaviors In Collecting Race & Hispanic Origin Data
Identified factors that might have led to large race reporting differences in Census 2000 Supplementary Survey and Census 2000.

Working Paper
Coverage and Completeness in the Census 2000 Supplementary Survey
Propose new measure called "sample completeness" on the Census 2000 Supplementary Survey and compare its sample completeness to the 1990 Census.

Working Paper
Effect of Housing Unit Controls on Survey Estimates
Examines the effect that housing unit control have on estimates in the American Community Survey and Census 2000 Supplementary Survey.

Working Paper
Alternative Oversampling Options for Low Mail Response Areas in ACS
Examines several options of oversampling in areas with low mail response to increase reliability of estimates.

Working Paper
Measuring Survey Nonresponse by Race and Ethnicity
Assess if methods being developed for the ACS are leading to high rates of survey participation across the country.

Working Paper
Developing Statistical Systems with ACS and Administrative Records
Discusses issues in comparing the American Community Survey and decennial census with administrative records.

Working Paper
Race and Hispanic Origin: Results - Census 2000 & Supplementary Survey
Compares the Census 2000 Supplementary Survey estimates with Census 2000 data, focusing on race and Hispanic origin distribution.

Working Paper
Effects of Interviewer Behavior on Collection of Race Data
Designed project to look at interviewer behavior that might influence reporting of specific race responses.


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