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ACS Publications and Working Papers

Browse American Community Survey publications and working papers including the following series:

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Working Paper
The ACS -- Updated Information for America's Communities
Examples of how communities use the American Community Survey for informed strategic planning.

Working Paper
American Community Survey Data for Economic Analysis
Overview of anticipated data products from the ACS and how to use them in econometric modeling.

Working Paper
Report 1: Demonstrating Operational Feasibility
Importance, desirability, and feasibility of full implementation of the ACS: how ACS will improve the 2010 census design and provide timely and relevant data.

Working Paper
Census 2000 Supplementary Survey: An Operational Feasibility Test
Overview of Census 2000 Supplementary Survey, including background, findings, and comparability.

Working Paper
Testing an Internet Response Option for the American Community Survey
Overview of internet response test on response rates and quality of American Community Survey.

Working Paper
Skills/Abilities of Working-Age Population, Rockland Co., NY: '96-'99
Skills and Abilities of the Working-Age Population in Rockland County, NY: prototype profile from the American Community Survey.

Working Paper
Measuring Fertility Using the American Community Survey
Evaluation of fertility data from 1999 American Community Survey data from four selected sites.

Working Paper
American Community Survey in Fulton County, PA
Story about the people using American Community Survey data in Fulton County, PA to improve area.

Working Paper
Using the American Community Survey and GIS in Breast Cancer Screening
Overview of how the American Community Survey data can be used to address health problems with GIS in Springfield, MA.

Working Paper
The American Community Survey: Data for Community Planning
Data for community planning: presentation of case studies from the American Community Survey.

Working Paper
Still Rolling: Leslie Kish's "Rolling Samples" and the ACS
Leslie Kish's influence on the development of the ACS and practical methodological issues addressed in implementing the design.

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