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National Inventors’ Day: February 11, 2023

Press Release Number CB23-SFS.19

From The American Presidency Project, Proclamation 5013—National Inventors' Day, 1983:

“Almost two hundred years ago, President George Washington recognized that invention and innovation were fundamental to the welfare and strength of the United States. He successfully urged the First Congress to enact a patent statute as expressly authorized by the U.S. Constitution and wisely advised that ‘there is nothing which can better deserve your patronage than the promotion of science . . .’ In 1790, the first patent statute initiated the transformation of the United States from an importer of technology to a world leader in technological innovation.

National Inventors’ Day

“Today, just as in George Washington's day, inventors are the keystone of the technological progress that is so vital to the economic, environmental, and social well-being of this country. Individual ingenuity and perseverance, spurred by the incentives of the patent system, begin the process that results in improved standards of living, increased public and private productivity, creation of new industries, improved public services, and enhanced competitiveness of American products in world markets.

“In recognition of the enormous contribution inventors make to the nation and the world, the Congress, pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 140 (Public Law 97-198), has designated February 11, 1983, the anniversary of the birth of Thomas Alva Edison, one of America's most famous and prolific inventors, as National Inventors' Day.”

Key Stats

The Opportunity Project (TOP) helps companies, non-profits, and universities turn federal open data into new technologies that solve real-world problems for people across the country.

We focus on the nation’s toughest challenges, from the opioid crisis and disaster relief to improving STEM education and strengthening the workforce. To date, over 175 consumer-facing digital products have been created, using open data to serve families, businesses and communities nationwide.

Note: Click on the image above to go to the About TOP page. Save the Date: TOP Summit 2023 is February 22 - 24.

More Stats

Source: 2018 - 2021 Annual Business Survey (ABS) Program. The ABS is conducted jointly by the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics within the National Science Foundation. The ABS replaces the 5-year Survey of Business Owners (SBO) for employer businesses, the Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs (ASE), the Business R&D and Innovation for Microbusinesses survey (BRDI-M), and the innovation section of the Business R&D and Innovation Survey (BRDI-S).

web ABS – Module Businesses Characteristics 2021 Tables
Note: The Module Business Characteristics tables show technology, financing, and management practice statistics, including data on the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on employer firms for 2020.

From Census.gov  /  Data:

Experimental Data Products are innovative statistical products created using new data sources or methodologies that benefit data users in the absence of other relevant products. We are seeking feedback from data users and stakeholders on the quality and usefulness of these new products.

The development of experimental data is one important path towards the creation of new, regularly occurring statistical products. When resources permit, experimental data products that meet our quality standards and demonstrate sufficient user demand may enter regular production and will be included on this page as Permanent Products.

From the Newsroom  /  Stats for Stories (SFS):

Herman Hollerith's 1889 Patent No. 395,781 - ART OF COMPILING STATISTICS

Note: The image above is on page 29 of 31.

From Census Blogs > Research Matters.

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