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National Health Center Week: August 7-13, 2022

Press Release Number CB22-SFS.106

From the Health Resources & Services Administration: What is a Health Center?

“Health centers are community-based and patient-directed organizations that deliver comprehensive, culturally competent, high-quality primary health care services to the nation’s most vulnerable individuals and families, including people experiencing homelessness, agricultural workers, residents of public housing, and veterans.

“Health centers integrate access to pharmacy, mental health, substance use disorder, and oral health services in areas where economic, geographic, or cultural barriers limit access to affordable health care. By emphasizing coordinated care management of patients with multiple health care needs and the use of key quality improvement practices, including health information technology, health centers reduce health disparities.”

From The American Presidency Project: Proclamation 10237—National Health Center Week, 2021

“In 1965, our Nation launched its first community health centers to improve the lives and well-being of Americans regardless of their ability to pay. These health centers were a key component of President Lyndon B. Johnson's ‘Great Society’ series of policy initiatives to eliminate poverty and racial injustice, and today serve as the bedrock on which our public health system was built. Today, health centers are one of the largest health care providers in the country and provide high-quality affordable, accessible, and value-based primary health care services to 29 million Americans each year—approximately 1 in 11 people across the country. They have also been a vital part of our Nation's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the course of National Health Center Week, we recognize the importance of federally-supported health centers and the role they play as a beacon of strength, service, and care in our communities.”

Key Stats

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More Stats

From Census.gov > Topics > Health

From Business and Industry, Time Series / Trend Charts, Quarterly Services Survey:

Source: Current Population Survey (CPS), 2019 and 2020 Annual Social and Economic Supplements (CPS ASEC) and the American Community Survey (ACS) 1-Year Estimates.

Source: 2019 American Community Survey (ACS) 1-Year Estimates.

  • NAICS 62, Health Care and Social Assistance
  • NAICS 621, Ambulatory Health Care Services

Source: 2017 Economic Census.  

  • NAICS 62, Health Care and Social Assistance
  • NAICS 621, Ambulatory Health Care Services
  • NAICS 6214, Outpatient Care Centers
  • NAICS 62141, Family Planning Centers
  • NAICS 62142, Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers
  • NAICS 62149, Other Outpatient Care Centers
  • NAICS 621491, HMO Medical Centers
  • NAICS 621492, Kidney Dialysis Centers
  • NAICS 621493, Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers
  • NAICS 621498, All Other Outpatient Care Centers

From the Newsroom > Stats for Stories:

From Census Academy, Your Learning Hub for Data Skills:

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