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Stats for Stories: 75th Anniversary of D-Day: June 6, 2019

From the brochure “Normandy, 6 June-24 July 1944,” prepared in the U.S. Army Center of Military History by William M. Hammond.

“A great invasion force stood off the Normandy coast of France as dawn broke on 6 June 1944: 9 battleships, 23 cruisers, 104 destroyers, and 71 large landing craft of various descriptions as well as troop transports, mine sweepers, and merchantmen-in all, nearly 5,000 ships of every type, the largest armada ever assembled. The naval bombardment that began at 0550 that morning detonated large minefields along the shoreline and destroyed a number of the enemy's defensive positions. To one correspondent, reporting from the deck of the cruiser HMS Hillary, it sounded like ‘the rhythmic beating of a gigantic drum’ all along the coast. In the hours following the bombardment, more than 100,000 fighting men swept ashore to begin one of the epic assaults of history, a ‘mighty endeavor,’ as President Franklin D. Roosevelt described it to the American people, ‘to preserve our civilization and to set free a suffering humanity.’

“The attack had been long in coming. From the moment British forces had been forced to withdraw from France in 1940 in the face of an overwhelming German onslaught, planners had plotted a return to the Continent. Only in that way would the Allies be able to confront the enemy's power on the ground, liberate northwestern Europe, and put an end to the Nazi regime.”


Presidential Proclamation 1994 (50th Anniversary of D-Day)

Key Stats:

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the allied invasion of Normandy, known as D-Day, the U.S. Census Bureau presents stats on the number of World War II veterans at different years since 1950.

More Stats:

Source: 2017 American Community Survey, 1-Year Estimates.

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