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Cyber Monday: November 28, 2022

Press Release Number CB22-SFS.163

According to USAGov’s 2022 Guide to Holiday Shopping, “Cyber Monday is the day with sales and discounts across online retailers. Like Black Friday, online retailers advertise major savings. While looking for deals online, be sure to protect yourself:

  • Beware of ads on search engines or social media - Scammers advertise popular items at deep discounts, but fail to deliver and steal your payment information.
  • Use legitimate apps - Download retailer’s apps directly from their website to be sure you have the real one. Scammers can create imposter apps to steal your payment information.
  • Choose credit over debit - Protect your right to dispute a charge by paying with a credit card.
  • Secure your internet connection - Avoid using public wifi networks when shopping online. Check the URLs, especially on the submit payment screen.”

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