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News Releases by Survey/Program

This page displays the surveys and programs covered by the releases of the U.S. Census Bureau.

For previous News Releases, please visit the archive.

Embargoed Releases - Access to the Census Bureau's news embargo site is limited to qualified individuals representing medial outlets that give their chief attention to the gathering and reporting of news.  Learn more.

2030 Census News
Planning for the 2030 Census is underway. We’re factoring in past census experiences, public feedback, new research, evolving technology and the changing world.

2020 Census News
The 2020 Census marked the 24th census in U.S. history and the first time that households were invited to respond to the census online.

2010 Census News
The 2010 Census represented the most massive participation movement ever witnessed in our country. About 74% of households returned their census forms by mail.

2000 Census News
Census 2000 not only counted the population, but also sampled the socio-economic status of the population.

American Community Survey News
Browse press releases about American Community Survey products and publications.

American Housing Survey (AHS) News
News about the AHS, sponsored by HUD and conducted by the Census Bureau, is the most comprehensive national housing survey in the United States.

County Business Patterns (CBP) News
Here you will find news related to County Business Patterns. CBP is an annual series that provides subnational economic data by industry.

Current Population Survey (CPS) News
Browse press releases related to the Current Population Survey. CPS is the primary source of labor force statistics for the population of the United States.

Economic Census News
Here you will find news related to the Economic Census, which is the U.S. Government's official five-year measure of American business and the economy.

Population Estimates Program News
The Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program (PEP) produces estimates of the population for the United States, states, metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas, counties, cities, towns, as well as for Puerto Rico and its municipios.

Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) News
Browse new about SIPP which is the premier source of information for income and program participation.


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