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For Immediate Release: Thursday, September 30, 2021

2019 Business Dynamics Statistics

Press Release Number CB21.TPS.110

SEPT. 30, 2021 — Today the U.S. Census Bureau released 2019 Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS) data in the Census API and on data.census.gov. This is in addition to the data released September 22 in CSV format on the BDS website. The BDS data are an annual time series covering the years 1978 to 2019. The data provide measures of business dynamics (such as job creation and destruction, establishment births and deaths, and firm startups and shutdowns) for the economy overall and aggregated by establishment and firm characteristics. 

The 2019 data are also now available in the BDS Explorer. The data tool provides access to the entire BDS dataset via line charts, bar charts and thematic maps. The application's intuitive dashboard allows for the construction of tables and charts to compare and sort measures of business dynamism.  

To learn more, visit BDS Explorer and BDS.

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