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For Immediate Release: Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Census Bureau Update on 2020 Census

Press Release Number CB20-RTQ.44

DEC. 30, 2020— Data collection is just one part of producing a complete and accurate 2020 Census. Since mid-October, Census Bureau experts have been hard at work on processing the data.  

As issues that could affect the accuracy of the data are detected, they are corrected. This important process, which has been a part of every decennial census, is critical to produce data that can be used for apportioning seats in the House of Representatives among the states. 

The schedule for reporting this data is not static. Projected dates are fluid. We continue to process the data collected and plan to deliver a complete and accurate state population count for apportionment in early 2021, as close to the statutory deadline as possible. 



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