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One-Stop Shop for Stats on Specific Industries: Now with Even More Information

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If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or business development specialist looking for key information about an industry in your local area, you are in luck.

The Census Bureau today launched an expanded version of its Industry Snapshots. These Snapshots permit you to select one of more than 1,000 detailed industries and pull up national and state-level data tables and county-level thematic maps for that industry.

Starting today, these popular Industry Snapshots include annual statistics on employer and nonemployer businesses from County Business Patterns and Nonemployer Statistics, respectively. This includes key measures such as number of establishments, employment and payroll, as well as per capita ratios using data from population estimates up to 2013. This update enhances the data previously available from the economic census, which is conducted every five years in years ending in “2” and “7.”

To access the Industry Snapshots, visit the “Finding Data” page on the Census Bureau’s Economic Census site (business.census.gov). From there, click on “View an Industry Snapshot” and choose the specific industry you are interested in from the menu or the search tool. Once the page for that industry appears, you can select your state to view a thematic state map by county that you can customize. A detailed table showing current and historical data for that industry in your state as well as bar and line charts is also shown. So from A (accountants’ offices) to Z (zoos and botanical gardens), Industry Snapshots now really has you covered!

Industry Snapshots is just one of several census.gov tools that use the Census Bureau’s application programming interface. The API lets developers create custom apps to reach new users and makes key statistics more accessible than ever before.

The updated Industry Snapshots are just one way the Census Bureau continues to transform the way we deliver data to the public. The Industry Snapshots provide a “one-stop shop” to the most up-to-date key statistics on any specific industry in your state, now utilizing multiple data sources.

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