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The Global Market Finder Can Help Expand Your Business Abroad

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The U.S. Census Bureau provides a wide range of data to help businesses succeed and grow. As you know, the Census Bureau is the nation’s official source for import and export statistics. Here are some tools that can help expand your business abroad.  

The Global Market Finder (GMF) is an interactive data visualization tool designed to help businesses learn more about products exported from the United States and their foreign destinations. Let’s say you grow apples, manufacture tables or build engines and are exploring markets overseas.

As of 2020, our top export partner countries were Canada, Mexico and China. If you’re already sending goods to those countries, you may be considering expanding into other markets. The GMF can help pave the way. Just enter your commodity code in it and you’ll see a map of the world that shows countries where the product is being exported. Depending on the commodity code, the GMF will provide the unit price for each country, which can provide more information to help you make informed decisions about whether to enter certain new markets. 



In addition to the GMF, we provide monthly detailed information on types of products exported and imported, modes of transportation, total value, weight, port data, and more. If you are interested in doing a deeper data dive, check out our  USA Trade Online tool at <https://usatrade.census.gov>. This dynamic data tool provides access to current and cumulative U.S. export and import data. Our quarterly data set will be released in late May.

We hope the GMF and USA Trade Online help as you explore expanding your business abroad. For more information, contact the International Trade Help Desk at 800-549-0595 (select Option #4) or at EID.International.Trade.Data@Census.gov.

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