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Telephone Assistance Line is Closing July 30

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Our commitment to a complete count required us to develop different ways to reach everyone. The vast majority of households received a census form in the mail in March, but others had a census form dropped off at their door or were enumerated in person. Many residents were also counted through our Group Quarters operation.

For over three months, Telephone Questionnaire Assistance has also been available to individuals who believe they weren’t included in the census. This opportunity is winding down. On Friday, July 30, we will be shutting down this toll-free line so we can begin the process of linking phone information to addresses for tabulation purposes.

If you believe you did not receive a form, didn’t mail back the form, or were not contacted by a census enumerator, please call 866-872-6868. It’s not too late to make sure you are counted in the 2010 Census.

Please note that as part of our Quality Assurance follow up this summer, we will visit addresses that were added to our address list too late to receive a form, so it is possible you may still be visited by a census taker.

Please submit any questions pertaining to this post to ask.census.gov

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