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Director's Blog

The “Director’s Blog” webpage launched in October 2009 as former U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert Groves wrote about the 2010 Census and provided a director’s point of view on everything from news to topics about statistics.

In August 2012, Acting Director Tom Mesenbourg began contributing to the blog. Starting in August 2013, former Director John H. Thompson contributed to the blog, providing updates on vast intercensal surveys and programs as preparations began for the 2020 Census. In 2018, Dr. Ron Jarmin contributed to the blog while performing the non exclusive functions and duties of the director. From January 2019 to January 2020, former Director Steven Dillingham made contributions to the blog about the 2020 Census.

Beginning January 2022, Director Robert L. Santos will be contributing to the blog, providing updates on the many ways we measure America’s people and economy.


2010 Census (2)

2016 Census Test (2)

2017 Census Test (1)

2018 Census Test (4)

2020 Census (48)

2030 Census (2)

Administrative Records (1)

American Community Survey (ACS) (10)

American Indian or Alaska Native (AIAN) (6)

Ancestry (3)

Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs (ASE) (1)

Big Data (2)

Business and Economy (8)

COVID-19 (7)

Census Business Builder (CBB) (1)

Census Operations (36)

Census of Governments (COG) (1)

Center for Economic Studies (CES) (1)

Children (4)

Community Resilience Estimates (1)

Commuting (1)

Congressional Apportionment (1)

Data Collection & Processing (1)

Data Equity (2)

Data Quality (Missing Data, Edit, and Imputation) (3)

Data Tool Information (3)

Director (21)

Disability (1)

Disclosure Avoidance (3)

Economic Census (EC) (3)

Economic Indicators (4)

Education (1)

Emergency Preparedness (6)

Families and Living Arrangements (1)

Federal Government (2)

Government (1)

Grandparents (1)

Group Quarters (3)

Health Insurance (1)

Hispanic Origin (10)

History (4)

Household Pulse Survey (1)

Income (1)

Industry (1)

Information and Communication Technology (2)

International (2)

International Programs (1)

International Trade (2)

Language Use (2)

Manufacturing (1)

Migration (1)

Miscellaneous (6)

National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) (1)

Occupant Characteristics (2)

Operations (History) (1)

Population (6)

Poverty (2)

Quarterly Services Survey (QSS) (1)

Race (3)

Redistricting (3)

Retail Trade (2)

Services (1)

Small Business Pulse Survey (1)

Spanish (6)

Teaching about Statistics (1)

Transportation (1)

Voting & Registration (2)

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Directors Blog
It’s not too late to submit your ideas for the 2030 Census!
October 17, 2022  
In case you missed my blog post a few weeks ago, for the first time ever, the Census Bureau is seeking your ideas for the planning and design of the decennial census.

Directors Blog
Thoughts on Identity and Diversity for Hispanic Heritage Month (pt 5)
October 13, 2022  
As Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, I want to leave you with some final thoughts on identity and diversity.

Directors Blog
Thoughts on Identity and Diversity for Hispanic Heritage Month (pt 4)
October 06, 2022  
As I continued my education, my views on my identity continued to evolve but the momentum picked up pace.

Directors Blog
Thoughts on Identity and Diversity for Hispanic Heritage Month (pt 3)
September 29, 2022  
This week, I want to consider my journey of identity as a young Latino through a different lens – the lens of media.

Directors Blog
Reflecting on the anniversary of September 11, 2001
September 09, 2022  
This Sunday marks the anniversary of September 11, 2001, also known as Patriot Day.

Directors Blog
We welcome your ideas for a better 2030 Census!
September 07, 2022  
We can overcome challenges when we help each other, when we work together toward a common good.

Directors Blog
Celebrating Our Day of Independence as a Wonderfully More Diverse People
July 01, 2022  
On Monday, we celebrate Independence Day. Most of us will enjoy a day away from work that includes the usual fireworks, cookouts, neighborhood parades, and time with our loved ones and friends.

Directors Blog
Reflections on Memorial Day
May 26, 2022  
Memorial Day is almost upon us. Many use this holiday to mark the beginning of our summer vacation season. But as we all know, Memorial Day is much more meaningful and special.


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