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Zhenchao Qian

Zhenchao Qian is Professor of Sociology and Interim Director of Population Studies and Training Center at Brown University. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology and Demography from University of Pennsylvania. He taught at Arizona State University and was Professor and Chair of Sociology at The Ohio State University before joining Brown in 2015. Dr. Qian has published extensively on topics in social demography, stratification, and inequality. His research explores partner availabilities, assortative mating, patterns and trends of marital and cohabiting unions among diverse populations. He studies ethnoracial boundaries with a focus on changes in interracial and interethnic unions, racial classification of multiracial individuals, and immigrants’ union formation. His other work explores the relationship between life course union history and midlife health outcomes, immigrants’ socioeconomic wellbeing and wealth access, divergent patterns of American families, and social and family change in China.


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