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Social, Economic, and Housing Statistics Division Working Papers

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Working Paper
Health Inclusive Poverty Measure Estimates in the United States: 2014 to 2021
This paper presents estimates of Health Inclusive Poverty in the United States from 2014 to 2021.

Working Paper
Measuring Poverty Subannually in the United States: A Methodology Note
This paper discusses a methodology for estimating monthly poverty rates for the United States.

Working Paper
Well-being by Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Working Paper
Age Differences Among Coresidential Partners
This poster uses the 2021 1yr ACS data to examine age gaps of coresidential partners.

Working Paper
Counting the Hustle: Platform Workers and Digital Entrepreneurship in Federal Household Surveys
Workers who use digital platforms or apps to earn income are a small but growing segment of the civilian workforce.

Working Paper
It’s Family Time! Parent-Child Interactions by Race and Ethnicity
Frequent parent-child dinners, outings and reading varied by race and ethnicity, socioeconomic characteristics, before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working Paper
Who Had Pandemic Babies? Exploring the Profiles of Mothers with a Recent Birth Using ACS Data
This paper uses American Community Survey data to explore the characteristics of mothers with recent births before and after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working Paper
Coresidence of Grandparents and Grandchildren and COVID-19
This presentation examines the relationship between excess mortality due to COVID-19 and grandparents living with and raising grandchildren.

Working Paper
Geographic Variations in Black-White Interracial and Cohabiting Households and Change Over Time
This study focuses on interracial relationships between non-Hispanic Blacks and non-Hispanic Whites.

Working Paper
Marital and Fertility Histories’ Association With Financial Resources
Most women and men aged 45 and older ever married before they had child(ren).

Working Paper
Socially Vulnerable yet Highly Resourced? Comparing the New Community Capacity Estimates to the Community Resilience Estimates
This poster presents an exploratory analysis that compares the 2019 CRE, Equity Supplement with an early test file of the 2019 experimental CCE.

Working Paper
National Experimental Wellbeing Statistics
The NEWS project aims to produce the best possible estimates of income and poverty given all available survey and administrative data.

Working Paper
Enhancing Race and Ethnicity Information in Medicaid Data: The Role of Census Bureau Data
This paper links Medicaid enrollment data with Decennial Census and ACS data to enhance understanding of racial/ethnic disparities in health.

Working Paper
An Assessment of the June 2020 CPS Fertility Supplement
The purpose of this paper is to examine the quality of the June 2020 CPS Fertility Supplement.

Working Paper
Monthly Financial Insecurity Estimates using the Household Pulse Survey
This paper is a comparison of monthly financial insecurity and poverty estimates.

Working Paper
Web Respondents' Interaction with the ACS Health Insurance Questions
This paper evaluates web survey respondents’ interaction with the ACS health insurance questions using 2019 ACS web survey paradata.

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