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Final Report: Economic Census Synthetic Data Project Research Team

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Working Paper Number ADEP-WP-2020-05


In May 2017, the Associate Director of Economic Programs (ADEP) and the Associate Director of Research and Methodology (ADRM) established a cross-directorate team to investigate the feasibility of developing synthetic establishment-level micro-data with sufficiently high utility and privacy protection features for public dissemination from a subset of Economic Census industries defined by six-digit 2012 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes.  The investigation presented in this report is more comprehensive, covering 42 industries in eighteen economic sectors covered by the Economic Census. These industries are not a random sample. This research project was designed as a "proof of concept," with understanding from upper management that post-research activities such as implementation of the recommended procedures in a production setting and development of a validation server were out of scope. This report presents the results of this research.


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