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Summary Report: 1998 SPD Taped Interviews

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Working Paper Number SPD98-4


The Survey of Program Dynamics (SPD) was mandated by Congress to evaluate the impact of welfare reform on the well-being of families and children. The first administration of the survey instrument specifically designed for the SPD was implemented in the field between May and July 1998. The SPD instrument will continue to be used annually through 2002. It is important to determine if there are problems with the 1998 SPD instrument that require correction or revision prior its use again in 1999. It is also important to obtain some indication of data quality prior to releasing the data to the public. To truly determine the quality of data collected in the 1998 SPD a thorough quality assessment would be necessary. Due to scarcity of resources (staff, money, and time), the SPD Steering Committee determined that a quality assessment of the 1998 SPD was not possible. Instead, they decided that a very small-scale, limited effort be implemented to evaluate the 1998 SPD to determine primarily whether there were any major problems that previously went undetected.

Page Last Revised - October 8, 2021
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