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Census Videos

Watch official Census Bureau videos about our latest projects, events and activities.

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Event: First 2010 Census Results News Conference Highlights
Highlights the December 21, 2010 press conference, revealing the results of the 2010 Census, including the official population count and apportionment totals .
Wrap-Up: Conclusion of the 2010 Census
The census is a historical milestone that we encounter every ten years.
First Release of 5-Year American Community Survey Estimates
December 14, 2010 — The Census Bureau held a Web news conference simultaneous with the release of the first set of 5-year (2005-2009) ACS estimates.
2010 Census: The U.S. Census and the Amazing Apportionment Machine
Through animation, the U.S. Census Bureau explains how it uses the apportionment formula to ensure equal representation for all.
News Conference: 2010 Demographic Analysis Estimates
December 6, 2010 - U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert Groves briefed the media on the release of the 2010 Demographic Analysis estimates.
Wrap-Up: Thank You 2010 Census Partners
The U.S. Census Bureau thanks the partners who pledged their commitment to share the 2010 Census message.
Promotion: Portrait of America
In this video, community leaders describe in their own words the importance of participating in the census and being a part of the new portrait of America.
Export Compliance A4 - Exporting Commercial Items: ECCNs and EAR99
Does my product have an ECCN? ; Where do I find my ECCN?; What is the ECCN used for?; What does EAR99 mean?
Export Compliance A5 - The Commerce Control List & Self-Classification
Where do I find the Commerce Control list?; Do I need a license to export my good?; How to Reference the ECCN; Designation of EAR99
Export Compliance A6 - Exporting EAR99 Items
Screening Your Transactions; No License Required (NLR) Rules; Lists to Check Before Exporting; Red Flags
Export Compliance A7 - Embargoes and Sanctions
Shipping to Embargoed Countries; Shipping to Sanctioned Countries; Special controls; Office of Foreign Assets and Control (OFAC)
Export Compliance A8/A9 - What is a Freight Forwarder?
Pro Forma Invoice; Help you Ship Economically; Help you Ship Safely; Ship in Compliance with U.S. export laws; International Transportation Department
Event: World Statistics Day
On Oct. 20, 2010, members of 14 principal U.S. federal statistical agencies in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the first-ever World Statistics Day.
Robert M. Groves on Celebrating World Statistics Day
Dr. Robert M. Groves, Census Bureau Director, explains how statistics help synthesize the huge amount of data available in the modern world.
World Statistics Day
This video highlights some of the many benefits we receive from the statistical information provided by the U.S. federal statistical community.
Measuring America: 2010 Census data releases measure the U.S.
Director Groves discussed the difference between the American Community Survey, Demographic Analysis and the 2010 apportionment data releases.
2010 Census: Data Processing
Once the 2010 Census forms were returned they were sent to our national data capture centers. Watch our video to learn more!
U.S. Constitution: Article I, Section 2
Every resident was encouraged to participate in a process that is as old as the nation itself.
Wrap-Up: 2010 Census - Quality Assurance
2010 Census Quality Assurance operations were conducted during the summer 2010.
Information Collection: Meet Your Census Taker
Census takers were hired from within your community and, as you will see from this video, were your friends and neighbors!
Information Collection: How do I recognize a census taker?
In this video, you learn how the public could identify an official U.S. Census Bureau census taker.
Promotion: 2010 Census and LGBT Communities: We All Count
Check out this video that encouraged Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) communities of color to participate in the 2010 Census.
Promotion: Portrait of America - Be Counted!
This video was used as a means of informing the public about census takers and their importance.
Information Collection: The Whole Story: Language Assistance Videos
Language Assistance Videos showcased a sampling of the language assistance videos that were made available in 61 different languages.
Information Collection: The Whole Story: Second Mailing
The Whole Story: Second Mailing informed the public about how they could receive a replacement form.
Export Compliance A1 - Export Compliance Introduction
Accurately & easily complete key shipping information, comply with the law and take advantage of the duty-free benefits of NAFTA.
Export Compliance A2 - A Quick Guide to the Foreign Trade Regulations
Who is the U.S. Principle Party in Interest (USPPI)? What is a shipment and when you must file in the Automated Export System (AES)?
Reporting EEI B1 - Classifying Your Commodity
What is a Harmonized Code? How to find a Schedule B Classification number?
Reporting EEI B2 - Registering for AESDirect
A how-to guide on registering for the Census Bureaus free, Internet-based filing system, AESDirect.
Reporting EEI B3 - Filing a Shipment in AESDirect
A tour of the AESDirect web site and how to use the special features of the system to make Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing process easier.
Reporting EEI B4 - Response Messages from AES
The video discusses the proper action(s) after receiving the different response messages in different filing scenarios.
Reporting EEI B5 - Proof of Filing Citations
A look on how to properly annotate loading documents with the Internal Transaction Number or ITN.
Taxes & Tarrifs
This video introduces you to online tools for calculating duties and taxes imposed on goods shipped from one country to another.
Trade Agreements D2 - North America Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) Basics
NAFTA allows your company to ship most goods to customers in Canada and Mexico duty free as long as they are comprised mostly of U.S. components.
Trade Agreements D3 - NAFTA Certificates of Origin
This video will help you correctly complete NAFTA Certificates of Origin.(Part 2 of 2)
Trade Agreements D4 - Preference Criterion
A document is required in order to receive the duty-free benefit granted by Canadian and Mexican customs. This video guides you through completing the document.


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