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America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers

We feature stories on various topics such as families, housing, employment, business, education, the economy, emergency management, and population.


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Business and Economy
A Toast to the Growing Number of U.S. Beer/Wine Manufacturers
Beer and wine will be part of many holiday celebrations, a chance to look at import and export data on breweries and wineries.
Business and Economy
More Women in Manufacturing Jobs in Every Age Group
In the runup to Manufacturing Day on Oct. 7, we look at the growing role of women in manufacturing.
Manufacturing Pay, Job Prospects Increase With Industry "Credential"
Workers credentialed through industry-supported training and assessment programs earned more than peers, even without a college degree.
A House Tour by the Numbers
In recognition of American Housing Month and National Homeownership Month, we highlight U.S. Census Bureau data and tools on housing and construction.
Business and Economy
Small Business Week 2022: How Small Businesses Impact Our Economy
The 59th Annual Small Business Week theme is “Building a Better America Through Entrepreneurship.”
Business and Economy
E-Commerce Sales Surged During the Pandemic
Annual growth in e-commerce retail sales accelerated during the pandemic as more consumers shopped online.
Business and Economy
Mom and Pop Businesses: Key Contributors to U.S. Economy
The 83rd annual Mom and Pop Business Owners Day is an opportunity to highlight their impact and Census Bureau tools and resources available for small business.
Business and Economy
Increase in Number of U.S. Black-Owned Businesses From 2017 to 2019
U.S. Census Bureau statistics show Black-owned businesses grew in all sectors of the U.S. economy.
U.S. Startups Create Jobs at Higher Rates, Older Large Firms Employ Most Workers
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Business Dynamics Statistics show how the age and size of firms contributed to job creation and employment shares from 1976 to 2019.
Business and Economy
The Business of Manufacturing Snack Foods Before the “Big Game”
Snack foods are big business around popular sporting events.
Business and Economy
Census Bureau Serves Hearty Spread of Holiday Food Industry Statistics
Data reveal the business of the holiday food industry from agriculture to manufacturing to wholesalers and retailers.
Business and Economy
Small Business Pulse Survey Reveals Price Increases by Sector
Phase 6 wrapped up October 17 and Phase 7 went into the field November 15. Will Phase 7 show that these economic trends are continuing?
Business and Economy
Manufacturing Remains One of the Top Five Largest Employment Sectors
This year marks the Census Bureau’s 10th anniversary celebration of Manufacturing Week beginning today and ending Friday on Manufacturing Day.
Manufacturing Industries That Make Materials to Build, Furnish a Home
The Annual Survey of Manufactures has a new interactive visualization that showcases housing-related manufacturing in America.
Business and Economy
U.S. Small Businesses Suffer Supply Chain Disruptions
Over 60% of manufacturers responding to the Small Business Pulse Survey saw disruptions in domestic supplies and 39% need to identify new supply options.
Business and Economy
Video Game Consoles: From Manufacturing to Players’ Hands
Census Bureau’s Economic Indicators data capture earliest measurements of newest generation video game console supply chain.
Business and Economy
The Dough in Doughnuts
During National Doughnut Month, we look at the manufacturing of doughnut-making machines through U.S. Census Bureau data.
Business and Economy
Not All Industries Experienced Declines During the Pandemic
Estimates from the Census Bureau’s Quarterly Services Survey show that some industries grew despite the pandemic while others saw declining revenue.
Business and Economy
Consumers Turn To Biking for Safe Fun and Exercise During Pandemic
Stay-at-home orders and shuttered fitness clubs amid COVID pandemic up demand for bicycles, leading to bike shortages and higher prices.
Business and Economy
Think Online Retail Is the Largest E-Commerce Sector? Think Again
Manufacturing ranked first in e-commerce shipments in 2018, making up $4.0 trillion of the $6.0 trillion in total value of manufacturing shipments.
Business and Economy
How Much Do Businesses Spend on Innovation to Stay Competitive?
The Census Bureau’s Annual Capital Expenditures Survey shows how much businesses spent to innovate and stay competitive, including investment in robotics.
Business and Economy
The 2019 Annual Survey of Manufactures Includes State Level Data
The latest Annual Survey of Manufactures is now available and an updated infographic outlines total value of shipments in the U.S. manufacturing sector.
Business and Economy
Retail Trade Is the Top Sector in the Five U.S. Territories
Recently released data from the Census Bureau’s 2017 Economic Census of Island Areas show economies of these territories mirror the U.S. economy in many ways.
Business and Economy
Manufacturing Faces a Labor Shortage as Workforce Ages
Nearly one-fourth of the manufacturing workforce is age 55 or older and retaining and attracting workers is a challenge.
Business and Economy
2017 Economic Census Data Breaks Out Industry Growth, Changes By State
State and local data from the Census Bureau’s 2017 Economic Census provide insight into the businesses that are vital to our economy.
Business and Economy
Manufacturing Still Among Top Five U.S. Employers
Held annually on the first Friday in October, Manufacturing Day showcases the contributions of a key economic sector.
Business and Economy
RVs: A Way to See America From the Safety of Your Own “Home”
Americans embrace recreational vehicles as sales have grown steadily for years.
Business and Economy
What Drives Productivity Growth?
The Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics teamed up to create Dispersion Statistics on Productivity, to measure productivity and economic performance.
Business and Economy
Manufacturing Day: Recognizing the Sector’s Impact on the U.S. Economy
Census Bureau shares a wealth of manufacturing data to celebrate the contributions of this vital economic sector on Manufacturing Day this Friday.
Business and Economy
Who Knew? 2017 Economic Census Data Released Over 18 Months
Wondering what will be included in the 2017 Economic Census First Look? And how detailed will it get? Listen to this podcast and get the answer.
America Keeps on Truckin’
More than 3.5 million people are truck drivers, an all-time high. Driving trucks is one of the largest occupations in the nation.
Business and Economy
Who Would Buy Your Products Overseas?
The Census Bureau’s Global Market Finder interactive tool quickly tells you the biggest export markets by product and destination.
Business and Economy
Quarterly Financial Report Shows Possible Impact of Tax Law Changes
Profits in some sectors have varied as a result of recent changes in the tax law.
How Many Work in Manufacturing?
The Annual Survey of Manufactures shows manufacturing receipts and how many are employed in manufacturing by state and by sector.
Business and Economy
America’s Love Affair With Craft Beer
Every one of the 50 states and over a quarter of all counties have at least one brewery.
Business and Economy
Manufacturing Week Begins
Manufacturing plays a major role in the U.S. economy. See its impact on everything from employment and payroll to exports in a series of snapshots.


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