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We feature stories on various topics such as families, housing, employment, business, education, the economy, emergency management, and population.


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Using Census Data to Inform Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery
The U.S. Census Bureau provides vital tools and data to assist in disaster preparedness, response and recovery.
Trabajadores jóvenes y mayores impulsaron empleos después de María
Primeros Indicadores trimestrales de la fuerza laboral de Puerto Rico publicados hoy proporcionan un perfil demográfico del empleo después del huracán María.
Youngest and Oldest Workers Drove Job Recovery After Hurricane Maria
The first Quarterly Workforce Indicators for Puerto Rico released today provide a demographic profile of employment after Hurricane Maria.
Census Data Tool Helps FEMA Better Understand Disaster Vulnerability
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Community Resilience Estimates (CRE) tool helps FEMA better understand “at-risk” populations during a natural disaster.
Measuring Community Resilience Equitably
The Census Bureau’s Community Resilience Estimates program releases dataset and tool that help decision makers understand their communities’ vulnerabilities.
Measuring Communities’ Resilience in the Face of Adversity
The Census Bureau’s Community Resilience Estimates moves from the experimental phase to a regularly published data product that will be continually updated.
Bracing for the 2021 Hurricane Season
A U.S. Census Bureau infographic shows the impact of last year’s three major hurricanes that hit the United States.
Business and Economy
Many Small Businesses Not Requiring Workers To Get Tested, Vaccinated
First results from Phase 4 of the Census Bureau’s Small Business Pulse Survey show the majority of respondents do not require workers get tested or vaccinated.
The Challenge of Mapping Disaster Areas During a National Emergency
All 50 states were declared federal disaster areas due to COVID-19, leading to a redesign of the Census Bureau’s OnTheMap for Emergency Management data tool.
Can Data and Tech Help Solve Environmental Issues?
The Census Bureau's Opportunity Project celebrates its fifth anniversary with four tech development sprints to create solutions to environmental...
Gulf Coast Businesses in the Path of Hurricane Laura
Population impacted by Hurricane Laura is of concern to emergency managers but so are more than 200,000 businesses in coastline areas in Louisiana and Texas.
Business and Economy
A Look at Businesses in Coastline Counties During Hurricane Season
Population growth in areas most vulnerable to hurricanes is of concern to emergency managers but so are the 2.4 million businesses in coastline areas.
How Resilient Are Communities to Disasters?
New Community Resilience Estimates indicates more than a quarter of the U.S. population may be at high risk of experiencing the negative impacts of COVID-19.
How Census Data Help the Nation Respond to Disasters
In a Community Risk Reduction Radio podcast, the Census Emergency Preparedness and Response Team shows how Census data help when any disaster strikes.
Key Player in Disaster Response: The U.S. Census Bureau
Community planners rely on census statistics to prepare evacuation plans and supply distribution after natural disasters and...
Jumping Into Action When Disaster Strikes
The Census Bureau’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Team coordinates and disseminates demographic and economic data to emergency managers and the public.
Knowing Who Lives Where Is Key to Recovery
Disaster recovery efforts rely on Census Bureau data to tailor relief for affected homes and businesses. Emergency planners use the data to plan for the worst.
Coastline County Population Continues to Grow
Despite three costly hurricanes in the Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions in 2005, population has risen every year since.
Area Vulnerable to Flooding Uses Census Data For Emergency Planning
Using Census population numbers, Hampton Roads, Va., emergency managers can track population growth and analyze how commutes...
Eye on the Hurricanes: Census Staffer on the Front Lines
Jane Callen, a senior writer/editor at the Census Bureau, headed to Florida and the US Virgin Islands as a volunteer emergency medical technician.
Mapping the Impact of Wildfires and Other Natural Disasters
As disasters unfold, OnTheMap for Emergency Management pinpoints the count and characteristics of people who work and live in affected areas.
Population Rising in Coastal Counties
In 10 years, the population of 185 coastline counties from Maine to Texas jumped 9.4 percent to 59.6 million.
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